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MONDAY 22nd JANUARY 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Deep Sub-Sea Mining Under the Irish Sea – Coal and Nuclear Hand in 4IR Glove?

A big welcome back to you and to Marianne Bennett who has some serious "reality check" observations to make about a genuine and imminent threat to our welfare...

A Government-appointed nuclear waste advisor is set to drill the first deep earthquake-inducing coal mine in 30 years in the sub-sea area off the coast of Whitehaven.

This coal mine would be just five miles from the already highly vulnerable and leaking “state of the art” Sellafield site. Extraction of the coal would be carried out by massive remote-controlled machines with the cut coal transported to conveyors using mobile shuttle cars. Mark Kirkbride, the coal mine boss, knows that subsidence and earthquakes are likely – his evidence to the public inquiry said that this would be “mitigated” not prevented.

The coal boss is advising UK Government on the construction, costings and so on of a 1000 ft deep, 25km square and very hot (100 degrees c +) nuclear dump euphemistically called a Geological Disposal Facility. The most expedient area in the frame is near Sellafield – adjacent to Kirkbride’s coal mine. An “exceptional” accident at Sellafield, caused by Mark Kirkbride’s coal mine or by construction of an even bigger void, the deep nuclear dump would have the potential to make huge swaths of the UK uninhabitable and contaminate much of Europe and the World.

How have we ended up with an earthquake-inducing coal boss with coal mine business interests next to Sellafield advising the UK Government on deep nuclear dump plans?

It is no accident that a new facility in Whitehaven is the first network of robotics and artificial intelligence collaboration hubs across the UK with “AI, data and robotics powered transformation for sustainable decommissioning in the nuclear sector and other industries.” Make no mistake… Cumbria is being prepped. The worst thing about Mark Kirkbride’s coal mine is not fossil fuel-induced climate change, it is the proximity to Sellafield, the world’s most dangerous nuclear waste site.


Lakes Against Nuclear Dump website: https://www.lakesagainstnucleardump.com/


MONDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

The Theory of Evolution?... Why Have We Been Lied To?

John Hamer's talk will certainly upset the "experts"!...

Author, researcher and historian, John Hamer, is pleased to present his talk on the total myth of Evolutionary theory. Darwinian biology is a complete myth, little more than a fantasy devised by the usual suspects: Freemasonry and the Jesuits.

John will present the whys, the hows and the incontrovertible proof of the fakery involved in convincing almost the entire world about one of the biggest lies of all time – the Evolution of Species!


John Hamer Official (bitchute.com)
Amazon.co.uk: John Hamer: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle
Amazon.com: Shannon Rowan: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle
WiFi Refugee (wifi-refugee.com)


MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


Open Mic Night!

Always popular, come along and share your thoughts, knowledge and wisdom on just about anything to a friendly, receptive audience!

It's a great opportunity to vent-off or just share stuff, promote upcoming events, play something from the internet through the basic but fairly efficient old laptop. And, if you've not spoken before... go on!... "have a go!" in front of a gentle and encouraging audience. No real time constraints: maybe 5, 10, 15, 20 mins?

A fun night… but, always, one with some very interesting info and views in great company!

By the way... our Collection of DVDs from 2020 and prior will be for sale on the night at bargain prices.

MARCH 2024

MONDAY 18th MARCH 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


We're delighted to welcome back Mark Olly who will challenge us with a truly remarkable idea...

Magicians and Secret Societies are enjoying something of a come-back; but have they ever gone away?

An eye-opening look at the rituals, signs and symbols, practices, and characters of such organizations as the Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuits and The Holy Office, Rosicrucians, and many more.

Is the world just controlled by power and might… or is it all a kind of magic?

APRIL 2024

MONDAY 15th APRIL 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Money Revelations & Solutions – the Story of the Bradbury Pound, Decentralised Solutions, Parallel Societies, and a Gift Economy

Last June, Daniel Thompson-Mills created quite a stir with his insights on the economy, and now will give some historically-proven solutions to the problems that we all face...

Given that the debt-based financial system is the basis of the slave system we’re in, Daniel will tell the little known story of the Bradbury Pound, the only time since the creation of the Bank of England in 1694 that the UK Treasury issued debt-free, interest-free money. This ‘Sovereign Money’ brought about prosperity with zero inflation and full employment. Daniel will set out the benefits that would arise if this solution to our debt-based economy was adopted.

Daniel will then go on to explore decentralised money solutions, encourage freedom lovers to create a Parallel Society in their area, and finally discuss the option of a moneyless society based on a Gift Economy.


MONDAY 29th APRIL 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Heal Your Life with Quantum Physics

In what promises to be a fascinating presentation, Anne will introduce us to the benefits of connecting to Quantum Energies...

Quantum Physics is not just something that scientists study in a laboratory. It is the means by which we experience the world. It is the life force that allows us to use our creativity. It is the essence of pure potentiality that we use every day, 24/7, whether we realise it or not. Using it without thinking can bring things into our life that we might not prefer to have… thereby creating our life by default, not by design.

Changing the way we look at life is the first step to becoming conscious about the choices we make and thereby start to change our reality.

This presentation is designed to offer practical advice in order to find out where we might be unconsciously sabotaging ourselves and, thereby, be able to take steps to move us in a different direction.

Anne has been consciously working with the energy for over twenty years and will provide us with an opportunity to harmonise with the Quantum Field in order to experience what this is like, and to give us a practical example of how to consciously use the energy in our everyday lives.

MAY 2024

MONDAY 20th MAY 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Life, The Universe, & Everything!

Larry Cyprus is renowned for his fresh new approach on… well... Life, The Universe, and Everything! in what promises to be a fascinating presentation…

Larry Cyprus brings his experiences and details of his journey of life, to Life! From a visit to study Berwick-upon-Tweed's City Walls in 2022, to his mind-blowing rediscovery of the Albion Zodiac. The Glastonbury Zodiac is a miniature (by comparison) copy of this Giant Landscape Zodiac!

Larry brings together the findings of Kate Preston’s LaManChe Zodiac and Hugh Evans' Gwynedd Star Map, along with countless others, to present a new perspective on the world and universe around us, and shows his amazing discoveries, which he believes is an astonishing piece of dating evidence. This is covered in his remarkable book: “Booked! Give your head a wobble!”.

Earlier this year, Larry’s journey made another leap into the world of BioGeology, and he took a 6 hour drive to go and investigate a GIANT 60 METRE TALL SKULL, identified by Sally Jane Delaney. This petrified giant would have once stood 600 metres tall, but this is not the biggest skull they have identified!

He is presently researching Fractals, World Wide Geography, The Electric Universe, DNA, and Magnetism, which he feels are all interconnected and will feature in his next book: “2nd Booking! Life, The Universe, & Everything!”.

This presentation will call into question our Education, including History, and even the Geology of the British Isles and The World… along with many other concepts.

For those of you who were present at Kate Preston’s talk in September 2023, you may recall Larry making well-received comments during the Q&As about Zodiacs.

JUNE 2024

MONDAY 3rd JUNE 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

The Great Climate Change Myth

John Hamer – always a popular speaker at New Horizons – is back again with some fascinating and challenging thoughts about climate change... 

There is no doubt that the climate IS changing! It was ever thus and climate change has been an ongoing situation since the beginning of time and no doubt will continue in a similar vein for as long as the Earth exists!

However… there is a huge difference between simple climate change and ‘man-made’ climate change which is cunningly and deceptively conflated by those ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ in order to create and sustain their ongoing, sinister agenda to subjugate and control the 8 billion inhabitants of this realm.

John will take you on a journey to discover how and why they achieve this.

This one is not to be missed!

MONDAY 17th JUNE 2024 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

The Tate/Manson Murders: Real... or The Cruellest Hoax?

New Horizons welcomes back a highly regarded and much esteemed presenter, Mark Devlin...

Mark will be presenting clear evidence that the so-called Tate / Manson murders of August 1969 amounted, in fact, to a manufactured psy-op using actors and Hollywood props, aimed at ultimately destroying the 1960s hippie movement.