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MONDAY 22nd JANUARY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Children Of The Forest

Tony Wright asks, Are we the lost children of the forest?

Tonight, Tony will be exploring the connection between the accelerating expansion, sudden stall and subsequent shrinkage of our brain, our unusual juvenile traits and our ancestral symbiotic relationship with the reproductive organs of plants.

Did the breakdown of our unique symbiotic relationship with fruit, and the impact it had on our brain, result in the mythos of a lost golden age of innocence?

A fall from grace and the emergence of an increasingly delusional and dysfunctional state of mind is a theme that permeates the spiritual and religious traditions.

If our collective self destructive behaviour is simply the result of a detrimental change in our neural system that has caused our brain to overly mature, then restoring that lost state of innocence may be the only option we have to avoid our rapid descent into further insanity.

While a student at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens and preparing a short dissertation entitled ‘The Genetic Manipulation of Plants’, the subconscious seeds of a revolutionary new theory were sown in Tony Wright’s mind.

Over the next 20 years a mixture of scientific curiosity and radical self-experimentation resulted in the development of a simple idea that explains the emergence of increasingly anomalous traits in human evolution. From the rapid and accelerating expansion of our large brain to the mysteries of our mind and the origins of spiritual practice, Tony has developed a new context in which we may understand who we are and has provided a framework for the reunification of the academic and spiritual science of consciousness.

Working independently and alone, the fruits of his labour are only now beginning to reach a wider audience through the recent publication of ‘Return to the Brain of Eden’. Despite the major practical and philosophical implications, initial reaction has been exceptionally favourable. Tony is now focused on bringing this modern translation of very ancient wisdom into mainstream culture in the hope that it may help provide a way out of the self-imposed madness we currently mistake as normality. 


MONDAY 29th JANUARY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Forged By The Gods

Ever-popular presenter, Frank Willis, brings us yet another rivetting talk 

Frank will give a brief history of metallurgy, its importance to the human race and how ancients revered the metal worker to the importance and spirituality of the peoples.

Frank will also talk about out-of-time metal objects. Or are they a cover-up of an alternative past? 

Frank served an apprenticeship and became a journeyman patternmaker in the foundry industry which started his interest in metallurgy, especially edged weapons.

Why metals?

But why gold’s sheer revenance (i.e. returning as a spirit after death)? Does metal have a soul?

This is Frank’s own journey, research and views.



MONDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


A Peak Into Where Your TV Licence Fee Goes

Ben Emlyn-Jones takes a close look at one of the world's biggest media platforms

The BBC claims to be a vehicle to entertain and educate the people, but in reality it is a mind control operation designed to demoralize, confuse and mislead us.

The signs are all there, with the recent sexual abuse scandal involving some of its biggest stars, the content of its broadcasts and even in the architecture of its headquarters.


MONDAY 12th FEBRUARY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Myths On The Path To Enlightenment

or AHA!! (Ancestral Health and Awakening) led by Phil Escott & Zahir Khan

Zahir Khan and Phil Escott first met because they’ve both been interviewed for Buddha at the Gas Pump, and here they team up to provide their unique brand of observations on the many misconceptions and layers of dogma that people get bogged down with in the fields of physical health, lifestyle, emotional balance and spiritual awakening… and how all of these can actually be confused with each other, delaying progress by years, possibly decades.

This is an evening to have your beliefs challenged, so be prepared. There are many false beliefs on all levels that can come between us and awakening to our essential nature. If you are experiencing any frustrations on your healing or spiritual journey and have an open mind, this is the event for you.

Zahir and Phil, ex-long-term practitioners of, among other disciplines, yoga, meditation and Sufism, and, as successful authors and life coaches working with clients worldwide, have been through their own unique trials, “incurable” illnesses and dark nights of the soul to lose their deep conditionings and come to many awakenings on all levels… some of which might well surprise you.

“Bring me your dearest held beliefs, and with any luck you will leave without them.” – Ram Tzu.

For more info, check out their many online talks and interviews on the websites below.




MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


God’s 7000-Year Calendar Of Creation, Part 1: 

God created the world only 7000 years ago... Thomas asks some searching questions

… and God saw everything that he had made and, behold, it was very good and the evening and the morning was the 6th day.

Thomas takes a closer look at God’s 7 Days of Creation and how his Creation relates to our life today.

The question to ask each other is this: do we think our creator would be happy with the pain, enslavement and anguish that man lives under or could it be that there is more to be done?


MONDAY 26th FEBRUARY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


God’s 7000-Year Calendar Of Creation, Part 2: 

God created the world only 7000 years ago... Thomas asks more searching questions

Are we living in one of the Days of Creation and, if so, which day? and what does God’s Book of The Law reveal to us in the day we may be living in?

What can we do to restore our rightful place as sons of God, instead of being gods.

Priests, lawyers and publicans do not want you to hear this, or those wicked ones hiding like cockroaches in the dark absence of light.

They are under the illusion they are in control. They are about to have a rude awakening.

Also in Part 2... amazing revelations about DEBT and BANKRUPTCY.


MONDAY 19th MARCH 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

Machinations In Present World Events

We are delighted to introduce an extremely knowledgeable speaker who will be highlighting startling and disturbing machinations in present world events.

He prefers to remain anonymous (on the web) because some of his revelations are so serious.


MONDAY 26th MARCH 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Staying Sane In An Insane World

We are delighted to introduce David Adelman who will present an A to Z of a sick society and how to heal ourselves

David Adelman is an author, teacher and speaker whose main aim is to wake up those who are asleep or give clarity and fresh angles to those already aware of the bigger picture.

David sees his role as filling in some of the gaps left by other free thinkers who tell you that we are being lied to but who may forget to tell you how the lies actually work.

The education system in particular will take quite a battering in keeping with the title of his first book ‘School - No Place For Children’ (available on Amazon).

The talk will be a roller-coaster ride through some of the most “dangerous” lies and untruths, turning them on their heads and giving clues on how to be true to ourselves and stay sound in an increasingly unsound world. 



MONDAY 9th APRIL 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The REAL da Vinci Code

After his most successful and fascinating presentation last year, 
Mark Olly
returns to expose the true facts of the da Vinci Code

Mark Olly investigates the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Library, Creation & Evolution, Genesis, Fossil Discoveries, Giants, Noa’s Ark, Human Species & DNA, Exodus, Moses, Bible Codes, Jerusalem, Jesus, The Real Crucifixion, Burial, Tomb, Mary Magdalene, etc.

Far better and far more revealing than Dan Brown’s book.


MONDAY 16th APRIL 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Refusing to take part in the Birth Certificate Fraud and the making of the Great British Mortgage Swindle

From the cradle to the grave, Michael O'Deira shows the whys and wherefores of refusing to take part in the tyranny of the state’s registration system(s)

Part 1: using an actual example, Michael will lay out the deception behind registration - from the birth certificate to the driving licence and beyond.

Part 2: the making of the Great British Mortgage Swindle and how it affects everyone. An update and an actual example of the fraud using the case of Halifax CEO, Antonio Horta-Hosorio.

Michael O’Deira is Founding Trustee of Universal Community Trust and the independent anarcho-nation of Bernicia & Deira; the editor, administrator, author and content creator for www.roguemale.org, a public and private speaker on the trivium, sovereignty and banking crimes; and the host of the RogueCast, a podcast, available at his site.

With some 20 years of teaching English, Media studies and drama mercifully behind him, Michael remains, in spite of all that, dedicated to individual freedom through education and self-realisation. He is also the founder of the forum www.thinkfree.org.uk a troll- and toll-free educational resource which began in 2009. Both sites are where much of his research, observations and subsequent adventures may be read.

He is also co-producer and director of the soon-to-be-released 'shockumentary' film, “The Great British Mortgage Swindle”, his first film, a powerful expose of the genocide of banking fraud.

All are encouraged to explore the following links and resources in advance of the presentation.



The Prologue to the Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast

The Great British Mortgage Swindle

The Financial Sleuth – Academic Investigation demonstrating mortgages and loans created out of thin air

#TGBMS & THE BIG SHORT – MORTGAGE FRAUD ON THE SCREEN – #TGBMS: How institutionalised mortgage fraud is the hot issue of our times.


MONDAY 23rd APRIL 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The “Musical Truth 2 Book” Tour: Music as Mind Control

Following on from his previous, exceptional presentations, DJ and author/ researcher Mark Devlin continues his disclosures about the music industry

In his groundbreaking book ‘Musical Truth,’ Mark showed how the true nature of the corporate music industry tells a very different story to what’s conveyed on its glossy, glamorous surface.

Mark’s new talk contains content from the newly-released follow-up, Volume 2, where he continues to guide readers through the dark labyrinth of musical machinations.

Discover the world of Lifetime Actors and the crucial part they play in social engineering; reflect on the nature of sound itself and the ways it can be used to affect human behaviour; and study the striking parallels between the 1960s counter-culture and the UK’s Acid House scene that kicked off 21 years later, all bearing the hallmarks of Establishment manipulation.

Crucially, Volume 2 reminds readers of how the music industry’s activities form only one small part of what’s really going on in this reality, and how the power to bring it all to an end lies with us and us alone. It always has. We’ve just been programmed to forget.

Author biography: Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. As a DJ, he has played gigs in over 40 different countries.

In 2010, he underwent what he refers to as a “conscious awakening”, bringing a new awareness of what's really going on in this world. His special area of interest was how this ties into the mainstream music industry, and the way in which A-list artists have been used to manipulate and mind-control the masses in line with a much larger agenda.

He now presents public talks on these subjects, as well as appearing on radio, and producing two regular podcast series.

In early 2016, he published his comprehensive book, ‘Musical Truth’. Its follow-up, Volume 2, appeared in early 2018.




Useful YouTube video links:

Mark Devlin presentation at Free Your Mind 5, Conference 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQhfGdfdU00&t=715s

Mark Devlin interviewed on Ole Dammegard's Light On Conspiracies podcast, 2017


Mark Devlin & Greg Carlwood's Laurel Canyon Road Trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnP9lUOBAaQ&t=1s


MONDAY 21st MAY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Self-Realisation: Life’s Greatest and Simplest Gift

Philip Wade joins us to unlock the doors to self-realisation

Self-Realisation: Life’s Greatest and Simplest Gift… yet it eludes so many!

The fundamental Realisation is that you/we are already that which we truly seek. The Realised Self.

The fundamental block is the belief that we are NOT that.

Within this belief are a multitude of perceived blocks that individuals create which act as masks to the Realisation.

Philip will provide insight into Self-Realisation, a guided Infinite Silence meditation and invites people to bring along questions as to their perceived blocks on their life/spiritual experience. No experience necessary just an openness to your highest truth.

Philip experientially Realised the nature of the True Self which is referred to itSELF as Infinite Silence. He shares through direct experience, Spiritual Inquiry, Infinite Touch, his website and other outlets. The sharing has reached all continents and he has held events in the UK, Iceland, Greece (Corfu and Crete) and Amsterdam.

His comprehensive website includes a 30 minute free guided Infinite Silence meditation experience which has been transformative for many people: gatewaylocation 



MONDAY 11th JUNE 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Elementals, my dear Watson – Working with Nature Spirits

We are delighted to welcome back Adrian Incledon-Webber who argues that there must be fact behind our Folklore, otherwise it would not have stood the test of time

The Leprechauns of Ireland, the Trolls of Scandinavia and Iceland, the Fairies on the Isle of Man – so many countries have their tales of the little folk and all are slightly different. They are the unseen (by most) and tireless workers of the World and they have always been linked to the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. However, we are now seeing ether spirits joining them and, by identifying and working with them, their energies can be harnessed for the good of us and the planet.

During his talk, Adrian will identify the various groups of elementals, how we can recognise their presence and how to connect with them.

He will also explain how they can become trapped in our homes, the sort of problems that they can cause us and our pets, and importantly how to rescue them. 

Adrian is a full time dowser/healer (geomancer), author of ‘Heal Your Home’ – described as the bible of Geopathic Stress – and ‘Spirit & Earth’, published in March 2018. He tutors various dowsing, healing courses and workshops through the country.

He is a former Vice President to the British Society of Dowsers and past Chair of their Earth Energies and Healing Groups.

Further details on his books, DVD and House-Healing work are available on his website www.dowsingspirits.co.uk

MONDAY 18th JUNE 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The Aetherius Society – Contacts with the Gods from Space

David Trimble brings us an inspiring and controversial presentation, drawing on the teachings of western master of yoga and founder of The Aetherius Society, Dr George King (1919-1997), one of the greatest trance mediums the world has ever known

David will show us how we can all make a difference to our troubled world.

Learn more about this multi-faceted Society with its rich mixture of cosmic revelations, life-saving missions, spiritual teachings and service to others, challenging our perspective of life on this Earth and beyond.

  • Mars, Venus and Jupiter are inhabited by advanced extraterrestrial civilisations;

  • The Star of Bethlehem was a spacecraft from another world;

  • Prayer energy can be stored in batteries and released in co-operation with extraterrestrials to bring about world healing and enlightenment;

  • The true history of mankind;

  • The Mother Earth is a living Entity;

  • The only energy crisis is the spiritual energy crisis;

  • The coming of the Next Master.

David is a highly experienced lecturer on mind, body and spirit subjects. He has made numerous appearances on radio and television, including Sky News. He is organiser of the Northern UK Branch of The Aetherius Society.


MONDAY 25th JUNE 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The Mysterious Bodies of Peru: The Results.


We are delighted and honoured to welcome back Steve Mera, internationally renowned researcher into the mysterious and paranormal for the PREMIERE Presentation in the UK of his amazing, new research

After an exhausting 12 month investigation and travelling the globe, investigators Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald finally obtained results from analysis of the strange bodies that were discovered in Nazca Peru in 2016/2017.

Steve will provide details of analysis, the corruption, the threats and give details about those who would rather not have this information out.

Steve will also reveal findings that suggest a real scientific mystery that could potentially change the history books forever...


Mr. Stephen Mera BSc.

Honorary Advisor and Partner of Zohar Entertainment Group www.zoharstargate.com

Managing Director of Zohar Global Group

UK Consultant for PSI Applications U.S.

Phenomena Magazine: CEO – http://www.phenomenamagazine.co.uk

Author of: A-Z of the Unknown / Strange Happenings / Paranormal InsightFounder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (Est 1996).

Chairman of MAPIT – Manchester's Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team (Est 1973): http://www.mapit.kk5.org

Associative Member: Unifaculty of London

Member: Office of Metaphysical Parapsychology

International TV & Radio Host, Freelance Journalist, International Lecturer & Head Tutor of the British Investigators Training Course.

Phenomena Magazine – Official Sponsors of International events & conferences.

Official Spokesman for:

Fox TV series 'Outcast': http://www.foxtv.co.uk/shows/fox/outcast,

Onwinges Productions 'TRAVIS' http://traviswaltonthemovie.com/,

Hammer Productions 'The Quiet Ones': http://www.hammerfilms.com/project/the-quiet-ones/,

The Other Land of the Gods documentary: http://lesavoirdesanciens.shop/en/ and

the Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night – Bafta 2016

Host: Phenomena Project: http://www.phenomenaproject.tv


MONDAY 2nd JULY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Open Mic Night

Come along…

Air your views…

Listen to others’…

And enjoy lots of debate and discussion (plus chocolate biscuits!).


MONDAY 9th JULY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


We warmly welcome back Lawrence Wright who always – without exception – gives amazing presentations

PART 1: Free Energy In Use Today

Many think that technology for free energy is being covered up but not in use. They are half right, free energy has been used worldwide for decades, centuries in some cases, all hidden in plain sight.

PART 2: The 4 Billion Ton Men

The first humans that roamed the Earth were bigger than mountains and the biggest weighed over 4 billion tons and were 4 miles high.

After many 'Honey I shrunk the kids’ resets later, Mankind has progressively been made smaller to around 6 feet for the current model. How recent was the last reset? And how tall will Mankind be at the next reset?

This is not just speculation, evidence will be presented for both parts.






MONDAY 16th JULY 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Media and the Mind: Mass Hypnosis and Conditioning through Words of Mass Deception

Janine Griffiths is a recognised expert in media matters, particularly its use of psychology to achieve hidden agendas

Janine’s latest presentation will be about the subtle non-verbal cues, voice modification and carefully chosen wording in the mass media which is designed to brainwash people into compliance.

She will also talk about the role that mass spying and digital platforms like Facebook, etc., play in the brainwashing and deception, and how China is leading the way in the technological dictatorships that are slowly being built around us.



MONDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Bodycentric Health

We are so pleased that Dave Murphy is returning to present more information about healthy living

Dave presents a new holistic way to look at the human body and healing that requires nothing from a dangerous medical system that was not designed for us.

This approach costs virtually nothing and consists of four simple, easy to implement techniques… but has the power to eliminate sickness and disease, maintain perfect health and liberate you from dependence on the medical system.

MONDAY 17th SEPTEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


So What Have You Come Back For This Time?

David Graham, a notable expert who has featured on TV and radio, explains the Ins and Outs of Reincarnation

What happens when we die? Have we lived before? Do we really come back into physical human lives again and again? What for? Do I need to come back again after this life? Oh crumbs!

These are big questions that prompt a whole series of different answers according to the beliefs of the person being asked.

Well, here is yet another response that is based mainly on the experiences of myself as a past life regression therapist, of many other regression therapists from around the world and of the experiences of more than a thousand clients.

This all leads us to many other questions: What is the journey of the soul all about? Does it even exist? Do religions have it right? Which ones? Does this journey only include human lives? …. and there must be a point to all this, surely.

David has been taking people back to their past lives since 2006, mainly for therapeutic reasons yet also including exploration of the history of a soul while in a physical life. He has served as President of EARTh from 2015-18: an international association of regression therapists designed to promote the therapy, maintain high quality training programs and a code of conduct.

This talk will focus on the ’journey of the soul’, in and out of physical lives… yet will also include an exercise that invites the attendee to gain insight into their own personal journey.

MONDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The Lake District’s freshwater is “Safeguarding National Security” Shh! 

We are delighted to introduce Marianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland

Tens of millions of gallons of water a day over the last 70 years have been used to cool nuclear wastes made near Preston and ‘stored’ at Sellafield… who knew?

The Nuclear Industry has first and last dibs on our precious fresh water.

According to the former National Rivers Authority – now the Environment Agency – Sellafield used 97 million litres of fresh water (25 million gallons) a day in 1993.

Compare this with the fracking industry’s admittedly shocking water use: Cuadrilla said that fracking the two wells at Preston New Road, which is now expected to take place in late August or early September, would use up to 32,500 litres.

That's a lot of water and quite rightly NGOs have been flagging this up. The silence has however been deafening over the far greater and ongoing freshwater use by the nuclear industry.

Radiation Free Lakeland were keen to find out what the freshwater situation is today.

Following Freedom of Information requests to track down this information, it was so heavily blacked out as to be illegible. But, what we can see through the redactions is mind-boggling.


MONDAY 1st OCTOBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The “Red, White & Blue” – What Does It Mean To You?

Come along and join Ian Stewart in his investigation of the true meanings behind colours

What is a colour?

What do colours mean?

What or who do they represent?

Where do they come from?

Are they powerful?

Do they rule over/under us?

From a Nation’s Flag to Big Business, from Sports to the Banks, from the Armed Forces to unseen forces… and so much more.

Come along to New Horizons to find out what they do not teach you at school. Find out what it all means and how it affects you, me, all of us.

Time for all to know and understand the truth of our Union Jack of the “Red, White and Blue”. 

MONDAY 8th OCTOBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Living From The Heart

Harun Rabbani’s first presentation was universally acclaimed as fascinating and informative... we’re so pleased he could return and continue his revelations

From conception until the age of 7 or 8 years, the energy field of a child is bombarded with information that becomes his or her destiny’s blueprint. This information will include blissful moments and, shockingly, the deep emotional traumas. This blueprint or “Life Map” helps individuals create their reality and navigate their intentions, decisions, words and actions.

The unresolved emotional baggage is the cause of most suffering. Your health challenges, mental and emotional health issues, financial poverty or abundance and your significant relationships, such as the soul mates you attract.

During this talk, Harun Rabbani reveals how you can redraw your life map so that it no longer sabotages you, but serves your greatest health, happiness and fulfilment. You will also experience deep emotional healing that will help you to open up and reactivate your spiritual heart.


Harun Rabbani is an international award-winning speaker, author and healer. His highly acclaimed healing retreats and private client practice have helped to transform the lives of thousands of people with a diverse range of health, relationship and business challenges. Harun is gifting a copy of his book “How To Heal Yourself” to everyone who attends his New Horizons talk.  

MONDAY 29th OCTOBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Stick Your New World Order Up Your A***!

Darren Nesbit, always a great favourite at New Horizons, takes some time off his TV and newspaper appearances about Flat Earth, and encourages us to have fun

An evening with musician Darren Nesbit, aka daznez, performing many songs of truth and hope, including from his latest album ‘Last Days Of Babylon’, and talking about the inspiration behind some of them.

Those attending are invited and, indeed, encouraged to bring wine, drums, instruments, voice, and anything else they feel will make this more of a campfire get-together sing-along than a ‘regular’ New Horizons presentation.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/puremusicdaz/videos


MONDAY 5th NOVEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Neolithic Observatories

Kevin Rowan-Drewitt has been visiting New Horizons for twenty years and is always a fascinating speaker

Kevin has studied stone circles and other ancient sites from the New Stone Age for nearly 3 decades and has written 3 books on the subject. Tonight, he will demonstrate how these ancient sites of Britain and Ireland were built and aligned with the 18.61 cycle of the Moon, the 33 year cycle of the Sun, the 8 year cycle of Venus and the rising of certain stars such as the ones in Orion's Belt.

Kevin will explain about the measurement, the Megalithic Yard, and how it was used as the basic building measure for all the ancient sites and how it was devised using the stars and the Earth.

Kevin has personally visited every single site in his talk and invites you to come and take a walk in the footsteps of your amazing Neolithic heavens-gazing observatory-building ancestors.

Kevin is the author of 3 books on ancient sites in Cumbria: “The Rowan Guide to Castlerigg Stone Circle”; “Spirals on Circles – The Rowan Guide to Long Meg, Little Meg and Glassonby Stone Circles”; and, thirdly, “Hidden Treasures – The Rowan Guide to the Harder to Find Stone Circles Of Cumbria” which will be published early next year. His first two books will be on sale on the night.

Kevin is also Secretary of the Blackpool-based Northern Lights Astrological Society, is a Reiki Master, a Runes and Tarot reader, a Gardinarian Witch and plays in the Fylde Ukulele Network.

MONDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


UFOs & The Music Industry

A big welcome to Dave Hodrien from the prestigious Birmingham UFO Group

A fun and lively talk on how UFOs and aliens have been represented in the world of music from the 1940s to the present day!

This will include UFO-themed bands and songs, and actual UFO/ET encounters that musicians have had.

Since the early 20th century, UFOs have inspired musical artists around the globe and have led to the creation of many UFO and alien related tracks, as well as a general fascination with the subject in the music world.

In this entertaining and informative talk, Dave will take you through the history of UFO-related tunes and explain the inspiration for some of these songs.

He will cover many excellent examples of both artists and individual tracks who have been heavily influenced by the subject of ufology as well as some musicians who claim to have experienced UFO incidents of their own. You'll hear some amazing stories where the worlds of ufology and rock ’n’ roll meet.

The presentation also features a specially recorded video interview with renowned UFO themed band CEIV.

With music videos and audio clips throughout, this talk promises to be a treat for both your eyes and ears!


Dave Hodrien is the Chairman and lead investigator for Birmingham UFO Group, one of the most active groups dedicated to the subject in the UK. He has personally investigated hundreds of UFO sightings and over 250 contact cases from around the world. He has spoken at numerous conferences, and appeared on television and radio on many occasions. He writes regularly for UFO Truth Magazine, and has previously written for Paranormal Magazine and UFO Matrix. Dave feels that the evidence he has seen over the years points towards interaction between numerous intelligent extra-terrestrial species and the human race.

Lots of music and music videos!

Come along for a enjoyable and interesting evening!

SUNDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2018 – 12 noon until 6 p.m.



12 noon ’til 6 p.m.

Entrance: £5 which includes refreshments

The Bigger Picture

Mark Windows, Piers Corbyn and Sandi Adams are recognised experts in local, national and international government “policies” and their true purpose

The recent Poll, The Democracy Perception Index found that “64 percent of populations in ‘Democracies’ stated that their governments ‘rarely or never act in the public interest’.

Mark’s talk will reveal how public opinion is controlled at every level with no recourse. The solutions are also presented in this information-packed presentation.

Have you ever wondered why local and national government seem to have a different agenda than the one presented to the public? The narrow corridor of accepted political opinion, and the demonisation of everything outside it, is also part of the Global Action Plan.

The Bigger Picture shows how and why Global policies are implemented at a Local level.

Mark will reveal the facts behind “Regeneration”, “Vibrant Communities”, “Walkable Cities”, “Smart Cities”, and why there is no real consultation but “group consensus” and policies implemented without consent.

The Bigger Picture gives the facts about everything being implemented and how this affects us and presents information to safeguard our rights.

The talk includes the whole historical background of the current agenda which uses Climate Change and social engineering to enforce Urbanization and depopulation along with a huge corporate land-grab and loss of individual rights.



The Speakers:

PIERS CORBYN is an astrophycist and brother of Jeremy. An ardent campaigner for truth, Piers runs weatheraction.com and his talks cover climate change and take apart the Global Warming Agenda through scientific analysis. Piers is also a campaigner for housing and covers the social cleansing and corporate takeover happening through The Global Action Plan.

MARK WINDOWS is an independent journalist, broadcaster and film maker. His many years of research and presentations cover what is really going on behind the increasingly controlled narratives presented through all forms of media.

SANDI ADAMS on The Global Action Plan being implemented NOW in your local area. Rampant globalisation and global control is the aim of most large corporations nowadays. Much of this is associated with the UN Agenda 21, now known as UN Agenda 2030.

MONDAY 19th NOVEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The Art of Living... In a Post-Truth World

Fresh from the Conference (above), Mark Windows presents more hidden information 

Who are we? In the “system” and who are we are outside of it?

The talk features how are we defined as “property” and when this assumption started. From ecclesiastical doctrine and the Poor Laws up to the present administrative system including the now broken rule of law, the administrative system and dealing with remote authority.

Mark talks about his successes and solutions in dealing with courts, bailiffs, councils and more. From Council Tax to police corruption and exposing abuse of the “Crimestoppers” website, which resulted in the removal of hundreds of profiles which should not have been there.

Watch this remarkable “Crimestoppers” video: https://windowsontheworld.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/c.mp4


Mark’s website: windowsontheworld.net

MONDAY 26th NOVEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


From Pills To Peace – My Journey Into Meditation 

A warm welcome to Patrick (Midnight) McBride and to his insights into a peaceful life

Are you living in bliss? Most of us are not. We are suffering because of the way we think.

Stress is our thoughts, born of the mind and therefore under our control. Through meditation, we can learn to reduce stress and develop inner peace.

This talk is about my Journey: how I arrived in this present moment. I had to take a very honest look at my life and also the world we live in. It isn’t easy, but it’s the first step towards freedom and the treasures that lie within.

The answers we are looking for were here all along, inside our hearts in the form of a song. Have you got the courage to sing it? It’s time to wake up! The other option is to stay asleep, eat fast food, watch TV and take chemicals to numb the pain.

I invite you to join me on my journey into the light. Come up and see the view!

“When you think from a beautiful garden, you will see flowers everywhere!”


MONDAY 3rd DECEMBER 2018 – Open 7.30 PM – 8.00 PM start






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We are delighted that Steve Mera – one of our most popular and respected speakers – has chosen New Horizons to host the Premier of his latest presentation...

Project Doorway – Magnetic Anomalies and Phenomenology

In more modern times, we have come to realise that the UFO phenomenon is one that has been with us for thousands of years; perhaps even longer, prior to documented history… but is there a ruse? Are we being duped?

It would seem that casting our eyes to the heavens and pondering the amount of time it would take to travel the vast distances of space may be a diversion.

New evidence would suggest that areas of magnetic anomalies are somehow being utilized by this phenomenon.

Steve Mera reveals some of the results from a new study into ‘portals’. Can they really exist?... and what hard evidence is there to support this theory?

The conclusion seems quite alarming as we stumble into the world of science and phenomenology...


Do come along for a fascinating, fun and foodie event!