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MONDAY 24th APRIL 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start



Artificial Intelligence But Not As You Know It – Part 1

What is Black Goo? Why is it lurking in Antarctica?

It appears to be a weird Artificial Intelligence organism – possibly an off-world entity – that, for thousands of years, has been contacting humans bringing us technology and military intelligence… but only to the elite.


[Part 2 will be shown, later this year.]


MONDAY 1st MAY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start



MONDAY 8th MAY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start



Reverse Engineering the Trance

We are so pleased to introduce Cara St. Louis, principal lecturer at World Lectures

Cara is an American researcher, author, lecturer, and workshop facilitator.

Her journey began with the aerosol wars in 2010, made its way through a stint on Icke’s TPV channel, to work on social engineering with a German called Harald Kautz-Vella, and so forth.

She began reverse engineering “the trance” one layer at a time: false history, food as a giant con... the list is finite but intense.

Cara has also gathered substantial evidence that the Fae are actually both the first global culture and our initial seed race. She has written books with Harald Kautz-Vella as well as Maria Wheatley covering this entire range of subjects.

Cara’s speciality is the power of the human imagination... whether it underlies the demonic effort to control humanity or the way we can free ourselves and once again make our thinking our own.





MONDAY 15th MAY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Secretum Omega: The Vatican Disclosure

Phil Evangelinos is a highly respected researcher and author, and we are very honoured to host his latest presentation

Whether you are a religious person or not, religion holds an important part in helping to prepare the masses of this world for Extra-terrestrial contact, otherwise known as Disclosure.

In recent years, strange consistent statements have been coming from the top echelons of the Catholic Church in relation to alien contact. There is definitely something going on, some kind of ‘build up’ towards a unique event in human history: contact with alien life.

This is a 2-hour presentation based on Phil’s soon-to-be-published book, “Secretum Omega: The Vatican Disclosure” and will consider the astonishing facts of a worldwide conspiracy that has been set in motion since the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church for alien contact in our near future.

Copies of Phil’s book will be available for sale at the presentation.

MONDAY 22nd MAY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Mindfulness – A Journey to Peace (“As above so below”)

Very few people have Magnus Mulliner’s deep and practical understanding of health and mindfulness

Many of you will have read or heard about this new ‘buzz’ word and it will no doubt have a positive meaning.

How useful do you feel it will be to create more harmony, more happiness, more peace externally?

The exciting news is, you can IF you practise mindfulness. It’s all about YOU!

All peace, health and happiness is an inside-out job. Magnus has discovered that when you point fingers, three point back and to the degree you or I start: complaining, criticising, worrying/fearing, gossiping and or excuse making, we’ve just disempowered ourselves!

And here’s a new moment, this too will pass.

In this presentation, you’ll be provided with some simple easy to learn/remember techniques in MINDFULNESS. You’ll walk away with all you need to create the above so that there are less wars going on externally.

Thinking that we’ll fix those externally is like thinking that watching TV makes you fat or that Firemen cause fires! How come? Well, every time there’s a fire, there’s always a firemen!

Another amazing moment to WAKE UP and truly become the change you wish to see, feel and hear in yourself.

MONDAY 29th MAY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start




MONDAY 5th JUNE 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Taking The Guesswork Out Of Why You Are Ill 

Clive De Carle, renowned scholar of health matters, exposes deep truths about minerals and supplements

As Clive says, “Knowing what the deficiencies and toxicities are is one thing; knowing what to do about them is another.”

Understanding minerals and how vital they are for optimal health is paramount, along with how to balance them. There are simple dietary changes that can be made and natural supplements that can rectify the issues.

All of us have heavy metal poisoning as we live in this chemically polluted modern world which is wreaking havoc in many peoples brains, leading to brain fog, attention deficit, autism, Alzheimer’s and a host of other neurological disorders.

Even babies are now born with a toxic heavy metal load passed from their mother. It is vital that we all know how to simply and safely detox the heavy metals from our bodies and our children’s.

MONDAY 12th JUNE 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me – How To Heal Yourself And Let Illness Heal Your Body And Soul… 

Phil Escott poses a serious question: how can a serious illness – something most people are terrified of – end up being the greatest blessing in your life? 

How can it even lead to a profound awakening that 30 years of ardent meditation failed to reveal? In truth, all pain is growing pain if we can surrender to the lessons it’s trying to teach us, and it can show us how to listen to the whispers of the body before they become shouts.

Join Phil Escott, Amazon Kindle best-selling author of “Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” as he takes you on an entertaining journey through his own healing, all the wrong turns and crazy failed “cures”, deprogramming from medical and spiritual dogma to the discovery of a simple, but often misunderstood, template that led to ultimate success, leaving him in the best shape of his life – even after a diagnosis of “incurable”.

Phil will also be talking about how experimenting extensively with hallucinogenics might have been not only a missed gateway to the awakening he had always sought, but also the root cause of the immune system’s confusion in the first place.

Phil now spends his time running Ancestral Health Awareness meetings and helping people all over the world, via Skype, to take a fresh look at their health with great success.

Anyone with an existing chronic condition or even just an interest in the mechanics of spiritual awakening will find this fascinating.

Find out more at http://pureactivity.net 

MONDAY 19th JUNE 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start



Rise Of The Black Cube Order

Ian Stewart Ogden gives a light, informative presentation on the rise of the Black Cube symbol and its esoteric symbology and meaning

Unknown to most, “Black Cube Worship” is as alive, well and strong today as it ever has been. The worshipers believe it’s time for it to come out from the shadows to be seen in all its glory – from the groups that worship its esoteric meaning to the individual that idolise its form.

Ian Stewart Ogden will explain what this mysterious esoteric symbol represents as he opens for EVERYONE to see and understand it contents, and its highly guarded secrets. It is an energy, a force so strong, so silent, that mankind does not know of any greater power. This cube has controlled mankind since its inception.

Ian will take you on a journey across the realms of religion, wars, politics, 911, number, signs, symbols and so much more. So if you have the time, please do come along to New Horizons St Anne’s and listen to something fresh – a new understanding of the Black Cube symbol.

It is the esoteric symbol of TODAY!