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MONDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2021 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


The Conspiracy Against the Conspiracists

Clare Daly shares her views about how the Conspiracy Theory Community is being used against itself

Clare starts with unrefutable fact:

The last 18 months of world lockdown has turned the Conspiracy Theory Community into online addicts. Online traffic has grown exponentially for all, but particularly for conspiracy theorists as the volume of supposed ‘truth data’ has mushroomed. This has resulted in their online world becoming their whole world, as they think the truth has finally arrived.

Clare posits that this is a cunning trick to effectively immobilise the very people who could actively mobilise, but now can’t as the revolution is coming down the broadband. Clare believes that, amongst the sea of truth messages targeted at the CT community, lies the actual truth. But, the very people who are actually possibly aware are now chained to their devices, ironically using the very platforms that will make the matrix dystopia they all fear a sure reality. In effect the CT community is now feeding into the tyranny and dystopian certainty by waging a war online.


Clare points the finger of blame:

Who is making the well-crafted videos?... as this tells us who are their intended victims. By understanding this, we have an indication of tactics used by this body in the past. In a bold move, Clare points to finger such a body known for subversive communications: the CIA. She’ll finish the evening with a group discussion on how this org is manipulating online communities to further the globalist’s Matrix nightmare. 


Clare’s final call to the CT community:

Come off media and organise within your neighbourhoods and communities. The fight is not a fight, now: it’s a knock on your neighbour’s door and an offer of a humble, yet effective, cup of tea. Rejecting tech is the armoury against the deep state, so please get offline.