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MONDAY 6th FEBRUARY 2023 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


The Love Conspiracy – Just Say No

Always keen to challenge conventional thinking, we warmly welcome Joanne Hafford...

Buddha, it is written, said, ‘The root of suffering is attachment’, and attachment is linked with love.

What is love? Where do feelings come from?

Love, especially in the ‘early days’, is an addiction where we can experience euphoria, withdrawal, dependency, irrationality and cravings.

As much as I love The Beatles classic ‘Love is all you need’; I think not…

Are we lead by our brain or heart? It’s believed when neurons fire, thoughts occur; but the heart, it’s been discovered, fires neurons, too: approximately 40,000 compared with the 90 billion of the brain, yet the heart appears to be the dominant factor for our choices.

How does attachment impact upon your life, from relationships to food, to the goods and trinkets we buy and collect?

Can you say no? Do you want to say no? What’s stopping you?

Do you long to live out your dreams?… and for pleasure and peace to combat those feelings of frustration and anxiety?

Then join me, Jo, in an evening of shared exploration to the ultimate goal of having no f**ks left to give :)

MONDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2023 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


The Nuclear Weapons Hoax

So happy to see the fascinating John Hamer back again!...

Nuclear weapons were ‘invented’ by the science fiction writer, H. G. Wells.

The ‘top secret’ Manhattan Project was a work of sheer fantasy and scare-mongering propaganda to begin the extremely lucrative ‘Cold War.’ The nuclear war hoax is another excuse to siphon money (see also NASA!) and there is much evidence that proves that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were napalmed / fire-bombed, not attacked with nuclear weapons.

Nukes do not exist: they are a technological impossibility. Compressing metal to double density with a neutron in-between to ignite an uncontrolled explosion is utter fiction!
Don’t believe it?

Well, come along on the 20th February and see the evidence for yourself!

John Hamer Official (bitchute.com)


MONDAY 20th MARCH 2023 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start



Mark Devlin is – for very good reasons – an extremely popular speaker at New Horizons... carefully researched information presented in a truly engaging style...

Mass mind-control was perfected on these shores.

In this two-part talk, author and researcher Mark Devlin will take time away from his usual work on the music industry to unveil the 100 years of brainwashing that have occurred at the hands of the deeply sinister Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London.

This shady outfit has employed hordes of behavioural scientists who know only too well how to manipulate the human psyche, with a view to socially-engineering the masses through an arsenal of psychological weaponry.

Part Two will examine how the work of Tavistock dovetails into the sinister and far-reaching MK-Ultra mind-control agenda coming from the CIA – from the programming of celebrities and Manchurian Candidate-style assassins, to the mass-entrainment of entire societies in how to think and act via entertainment and popular culture.

from Rob, Chrissy and The New Horizons Team


As some of you may know, a few years ago, New Horizons was on the brink of closure.

But with the help of a good friend of ours, it was rescued and – as you’ll have seen – has gone from strength to strength. We could not be more delighted!

So, please would you kindly spare just one minute to help us thank him?

He’s written hundreds of documentaries on the subjects we all love, and now he’s started his own YouTube channel… “Louis Sinclair Investigates”.

Please would you visit his channel and subscribe?

It would mean a lot to us.

Thank you!


Here’s the link…
Louis Sinclair Investigates


If the link doesnt work (!), then just visit YouTube, enter "Louis Sinclair Investigates" in the Search box... and it will take you there.


Louis first in-depth investigation is about the famous – or infamous – “Dodleston Mysteries”… where folk in 1985 appear to have found themselves chatting on a BBC Micro computer with a fugitive priest… from 1546!

As this fascinating story unfolds, they’re joined by a mysterious entity from the future who’s running an experiment with time... its purpose?... to convey warnings to all of us about the danger of genetic engineering, AI-guided bio-weapons, and today’s “surveillance society” – all real and present risks to our freedom.

So... in the story, were the 1985 folk being hoaxed?

Or... ?

On the channel, at present, there’s a very interesting Introductory video and a few other snippets... the main docu-series will be posted soon.

Louis invites you to enjoy the story; to follow the clues, and see where they lead... including down that potentially very dark path to a future without freedom...