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MONDAY 16th SEPTEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Food for thought

As our first presentation of the new season, we welcome John Broadbent who will describe how to survive the inevitable apocalypse that is heading our way

Given that the doctor makes you sick, the bankers make the money, the schools dumb down the kids, the “cures” kill you, and radiation transmitters threaten to kill us in our beds… given all that, what can you do?

Enjoy prepping for the future of what’s coming. Understanding your environment, and mastering it. Instead of resisting what is, make myself ready for what is coming. 

Instead of being the little boy shouting, “The king has no clothes!”, be Noah, preparing for a new future!

And this is how I am building my arc. This is how I am building a boat for when the titanic global economy sinks and we find ourselves surrounded by the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean with only our wits to help us survive.

Find out how to survive the disasters that are coming our way!

MONDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Was Moses, Akhenaten?

One thing we can certainly expect from the ever-popular Nick Kollerstrom is a hum-dinger of a conspiracy theory that, far from being crazy, is very real

The rebel pharaoh, Akhenaten, was blotted out from history for three thousand years - and no wonder, for he tried to erase all of the old gods of Egypt!

He was convinced that here was only one god, whom he called “Aten”. He founded a whole new city dedicated to his vision, but then after seventeen years of rule he was fired!

This had never happened to an Egyptian pharaoh before. The priests wanted their old gods back.

So he went out into the wilderness, where gradually he turned into Moses.

He had some Hebrew relatives – shepherd people who lived around the Nile delta, near the desert border.

And the rest is history... 

MONDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Project Doorway

Internationally-renowned paranormal investigator, Steve Mera, will be discussing the latest finding and experiments conducted under “Project Doorway” – a scientific inquiry into the UFO phenomena

According to a number of recent surveys, a UFO is seen every 8 seconds around the world! Have you ever wondered how so many UFOs are getting here?

Conventional scientific theories would have us believe that advanced civilizations may have the technology to cover the vast distances of space. What if that isn’t the case? What if ‘they’ are travelling here using a unique form of physics? Perhaps they are jumping in and out of our reality, utilizing earth’s very own electron diffused regions, better known as “portals”.

Steve will be investigating the connections between UFO’s and other mysterious anomalies all around the world, and revealing some startling images and details on Hybrid Underwater Craft, patents and Naval UFO incidents.