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MONDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Part 1 – Back to Basics: Help-Yourself Muscle Testing

Ken Andrews brings his own informal and humorous style to the investigation of foods – do they really suit us or not?

Most of us have experienced eating or taking “something” that was supposedly good for us only to find out it was not.

“I tried that and it didn’t do anything?”… but, of course, one “thing” does not suit everyone!

In this two-part series, Ken will be presenting an audience participation talk about the basics of food testing that can help in many ways, and with all age groups. 

The success of the talk is reliant on people bringing their own “stuff” to test.

Are your foods, supplements, natural remedies, etc., “good for you” ? A simple muscle test this evening will tell you everything!

In preparation, please…

1) Take a small sample from each of your daily meals – about the size of a cigarette butt – and put it in Clingfilm or similar;

2) Twist the top to make it airtight;

3) Label it so you know what it is;

4) Place it in a small container in the freezer;

5) On the day of the talk, take it out of freezer in the morning and bring it with you to test whether it actually suits you;

6) Bring any supplements, too, to test in a similar way;

7) Remember to bring pen and pad to make notes about the test!

MONDAY 27th FEBRUARY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Part 2 – Feedback And Further Investigations

Ken Andrews has lectured in the UK, Israel, America, Germany, and the Caribbean  on various subject areas of health in the applications of treatment modalities

Building on Part 1 of this amazing two-part presentation, Ken will continue testing foodstuffs and supplements and their suitability for individuals. As part of this, please bring along whatever you found to be not suited to you and we shall look more deeply into the reasons and effects.

Part 2 will start with a short recap for those of you who couldn't make it last week, plus a feedback session of about any concerns that you may have.

This is rare opportunity to discover what foods and supplements are most suited to you!


MONDAYS MARCH 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start




SUNDAY 9th APRIL – Start 10.30 AM until at least 6 PM




























A Solutions-Based Full Day Event


Just £7 for the entire day, including refreshments.

Sunday 9th April 10.30 am till at least 6 pm.

At our usual venue: The Community Centre, St Albans Road, St Annes. FY8 1UZ


A Real-World Answer To The Oligarchies’ Monopolies, Extortions And Usury

Abdun Nur introduces a revolution in banking… interest-free loans and no fees!

You have heard of Bitcoin. It’s an internet currency that allows people to work outside the banking system and has proved to be very popular.

Abdun Nur has evolved this idea further: Labour Coin is a revolution in banking. It is the first no- fee, no-interest bank that allows advances. So if, for example, you needed to buy a house, you could use Labour Coin to pay for it as an advance without interest or fees, and the first repayment could even be postponed for up to 5 years!

Labour Coin would not be centralised so, once created, it would exist as long as people used it… no one can cut off the head as it has none; no one can shut it down from a central server as it doesn't use one; and no one can access it without having made a witnessed, written agreement. This is needed as, although 80% of people are honest, 20% are dishonest and these would need to be excluded.

All that’s needed is to employ a computer coder. Abdun says, “When I get Labour-coin coded, then I can at last free people from economic slavery and the ever increasing poverty of the state monopolies and usury extortions.

“Using the same model, I can also build a platform to create a faster and unrestricted free internet and mobile phone system without using any centralised servers… no corporations charging you for use This would be unlimited and free.”

Just some of the factors covered and exposed in detail on the day include usury (interest), ownership, tax, profit, slavery, rental, debt, feudalism, capitalism, democracy and the government.

Do bring your note books and pens as there will be plenty of notes to take. Your questions will be welcome.

An enormous amount of research has gone into this project. The next stage is to wind it out globally. This will be the first time that Abdun's research will have been aired! Put this date in your diary. If you attend only one event this year, this is the one!!

What a presentation! A must for everyone who has “issues” with our banking system.


Technical stuff for those who like it!... The Labour Coin model is nodal, polycentric and peer to peer, each node of the platform within your computer system is an independent operating system. It is pair-key encrypted, and the accounting system maintains a zero balance throughout the entire system at each transaction. Once the Labour Coin platform is built, other platforms can be attached to it: trading platforms, cooperative platforms, file-sharing platforms, etc. It would all be open source and free to download once created. It is a true medium of exchange functioning through 'advance', on a zero balance, pair-key encrypted polycentrically through multiple independent nodal operating systems, peer to peer and bond agreed.

Labour Coin is the core structure from which an infinite number of platforms can be supported, attached to the hub by the user as required. It will allow the creation of platforms providing free internet; free mobile phone use; free file transfer; tax free trading; self hosting websites, free of spam, advertising, hosting, or domain costs; an alternative to the constructed legal fictions, as an arbitration hub of inherent power, founded on the innate duty of care within a bond; a bond platform allowing medical (escaping the allopathic model), assurance (escaping the insurance model), cooperative (escaping the employer/employee model), collective (escaping the middleman model) bonds. Open-source technological hubs freeing suppressed technologies can be created to nourish substantive bonded cooperatives, free of profit and employers.


Lies, Damn Lies And Conventional Medicine

Tony Lawrence explains how lifestyle has a profound effect on health and the steps we can take to improve our well-being

The first thing to recognise is that health is principally a lifestyle choice. Notwithstanding the part that genes play in our health (which is quite small), the notion that “you are what you eat” should be extended to “you are what you eat, how you live and what you think”. These should be the guiding foundation principles for restoring and maintaining good health.

Much of the literature on complimentary healthcare describes expensive treatment protocols, diet and lifestyle changes using a great deal of technical jargon and complicated and varied methodologies. The cornerstones of scientific investigation are the concepts of observation, experiment, verification and parsimony (“doing more with less”). I believe that the cost and form of effective treatments must be as simple and generally available as possible, without compromising the efficacy.

The introduction into food of additives, refined sugars and hydrogenated fats, the use of pesticides, inorganic fertilisers and a variety of chemical pollutants, has had an impact upon the health of the entire global population in negatively subtle and unpredictable ways. Many of these are chemicals to which man has not been evolutionarily exposed, and the effects of such pollutants in terms of disease may not become apparent for many years. There also appears to be additive, cumulative and synergistic effects of combined exposures to environmental contaminants. Unless we act now the future will be bleak.