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MONDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Gayzer Win Against Cuadriila

Gayzer Frackman updates us with his latest fights to stop fracking

Yes! I won against Cuadrilla yesterday!

The media didn't post that, now did they?

If someone would kindly post it to Drill or Drop and we will see what she posts if anything?

I need to know if anyone fancies a road trip to Sheffield as TOXIC has a display prompting how she and the NANNAS beat Cuadrilla.

I have no car at the mo...



15 October 2019

I won the “Court of TRUTH” on the 15 October when Cuadrilla blinked first. The case was discontinued when the Police had overwhelming evidence!


15.55 minutes into the video, watch Barbara Fish gloat she costs Gayzer Frackman £100 fine for after informing the police that he has no MOT on his car while he was doing an action against Cuadrilla.


The whole video is indeed a reality window on what we have had to face that is orchestrated to stop us opposing Cuadrilla.

The NARKS are well-funded and supported by all the Grubby Greens – now exposed! It will cost them dearly for what they have done down at Little Plumpton, Preston New Road.

Thank You Mark Bannerman: in a world of bad independent media you are a ray of light on the TRUTH.


TOXIC lie in The Guardian?



I was banned for a week from FaceBook, but it wasn’t lifted even when FB admitted and said sorry they got it wrong.

They want to end decent against tyranny! https://www.facebook.com/gayzer.tarjanyi/videos/10218803715756261/


I have them on the run.

And even though they are trying everything to protect Cuadrilla, I was in court against them on the 15th October… and the Green Party on the 11th October. I won at both.

The only blemish was by the ‘TOXIC Nannas’ resulting in a fine! There was a very low threshold used to get a conviction.

I will be appealing the decision to defend my good name and character. The TOXIC lie was thrown out along with the requested restraining order.

I am also in the process of bringing down my evidence against the NARKS.

Now you see what we have had to endure to get this far!!!!!!!



MONDAY 25th NOVEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Sound Therapy – Medicine of the Future

We are delighted to introduce Elaine Thompson, one of Europe’s most qualified Sound Therapy practitioners and teachers

Elaine Thompson has been involved in Sound Therapy practice and training both in the UK, USA and in Europe for more than twenty-six years.

She has an enormous wealth of knowledge regarding frequencies of the body, and this helps her ability to pinpoint root emotional problems that create ill health.

Specific sound frequencies can sometimes dramatically improve physical and mental health conditions. Whilst working in Germany, she was featured on RTL Television after a wheelchair-bound man with 20 years of Multiple Sclerosis got up and walked three flights of stairs!

After helping a three year-old with severe haemophilia whose blood clotting ability was completely reversed, she was regularly featured on Sky TV for over a year. Her mission is for people to know that they can truly heal themselves, and, with a little help, anything is possible!




Can you change your life and your health? Your voice matches specific brainwaves that show up precisely on an EEG machine.

Elaine will demonstrate that happy or sad – whatever you’re feeling – these frequencies are also reflected in your voice, and manifest in your body as changes in mood, chemistry and muscle status.

Can you change it?


Can you erase those negative patterns and get your positive blueprint back?

Yes, you can! Your body strives to heal continuously, and the way you are affects its ability dramatically.

How does Sound Therapy work? A detailed analysis of your spoken voice gives a complete physical and emotional picture of you; then specific sounds within the lower brainwave range are given to you, to retrain your brain and bring back balance.

Time permitting, there will be a demonstration of voice analysis following the presentation.



MONDAY 2nd DECEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Is This All There Is?

Always a font of knowledge, Brian Halliwell returns to ask the Big Question...

“Is this all there is?”

That is the question that has been asked since the dawn of time. At the heart of the question is “What happens when we die?”

Countless civilisations, scientists and philosophers have tried to find answers to that very question.

But the mystery remains.

This talk is not carrying on that speculation.

This talk is about various people whose lives have been dominated by the question “What happens when we die?” 


MONDAY 9th DECEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Xmas Party!

Join us for a super buffet and an open mic!

Feel free to say stuff on any subject, sing, recite poetry, play music. Not sure about dancing!

Rob is there as target for any old vegetables, fruit and eggs.

Also we welcome comments and suggestions for the future of New Horizons.

Have a great Christmas and bountiful New Year!

Mind the gap, another unique year awaits!

As venues and pubs close and home entertainment now seen as a priority, staying in is the "new black." The importance of maintaining communities that stay in physical contact with each other as they used to do is vital. So, support your local live events no matter what they be.

Just the usual £3 entrance contribution.


Return 27th January 2020. See you then!