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The Law as Ally

Marc from PK runs peacekeepers.org.uk – “Learn to Restore YOUR Human Rights”

Peace Keeper is designed to make the law accessible to the vast majority of people through discovery of its fundamental principles which are…

… evidence based upon the search for truth where everything is simply a claim, and

… that claim must be supported by evidence, and

… where there is no evidence of the creation of an obligation then no obligation can exist by impossibility – that no one can create an obligation upon another as under the rules of evidence until some on can bring the creator, what ever that might be, to give first hand cross examinable witness testimony that one person has more authority or right than another then it is self evident no one can impose their will upon another hence…

… All are equal under the law – what one can do all can do, and

… No one is above the law – we are all accountable for harm we cause as immunity is merely an illusion!

… Then it all boils down to equity:
HONOUR = my word is my bond and that creates rights and obligations, and
GOOD FAITH = to the best of my power I will do what I undertook and not put my self interest above that of another, and
CLEAN HANDS = All that I do is open and transparent!