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MONDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2023 – Open 7 PM – £3 entry including refreshments – 7:30 PM start


The Bard and the Gunpowder Plot

New Horizons is so pleased that Nick Kollerstrom is visiting again with his insights into REAL history...

This isn’t just another “who-wrote-Shakespeare?” book.

We’re now at the 400th anniversary of the great deception of 1623, and we ask, how come it was so successful?

This should be an epic tale of interest to every English person – whereby the great genius was marginalised, and a guy who could not read or write got all the credit!

Then the “Gunpowder Plot” of 1605 wasn’t at all what it appeared to be.

Both of these ploys were brilliantly successful: the latter in pulverising, forever, the hopes of English Catholics.

Both events concern theatre where what you are presented with is far from being what really happened.

It’s time we took a new approach to these great English mysteries.

MONDAY 16th OCTOBER 2023 – Open 7 PM – £3 entry including refreshments – 7:30 PM start


Dead End Medicine 

Graham Atkinson returns to explain why the allopathic healthcare will die and be replaced by a TRUE health system we all deserve...

Having served as a Clinical Pharmacist and a Board-Level Director in local, regional and national roles in the NHS for over 30 years, Graham has the confidence to challenge the mainstream narrative with the actual facts.

Since leaving the NHS two years ago, Graham has continued to measure the benefits, harms and the overall effectiveness of the allopathic system.

The tragic outcomes of so-called modern healthcare are clearly visible for those with eyes to see, but the vast majority of clinicians and patients remain blinded to the true nature of the system in which they place their trust.

Graham will explore the evidence of the harms being done to populations in the name of medicine and discuss his predictions for what will happen to those patients and clinicians that continue to worship the religion of allopathic healthcare that will ultimately fail them all.

Graham will conclude by outlining the essential building blocks of the new TRUE health system that is already taking shape across the World and what we can all do to manifest the healthy future we all want to see for our communities.