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MONDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


Agenda-To-Fail Tour

An Evening of Endothermic Electricity with Geoff Blanche

Agenda-to-Fail Geoff’s research is full-steam ahead at Swansea University.

Geoff blows the lid off how they commit crime at an academic level in Swansea University, who their connections are, what future they are promoting, and how this will affect us all.

Can we stop them?

Energy should and can be free. All we need to do is teach our future scientists the truth that is systematically being buried and hidden.

To gain our freedom means defeating the Woke Society now being indoctrinated into our children and students.

Time to rise; time to come together like never before; be at this event for an insight long in the researching, to step forward into the future that belongs to all of us... for the many not the few!


MONDAY 17th OCTOBER 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


The Secret and Confidential Cases of High Strangeness

We are delighted to present the UK‘s most renowned researcher into the paranormal, Steve Mera, fresh from a major conference where he head-lined with Erich von Däniken 

We‘ve all been lied to and we should be concerned. The UFO phenomenon is far more than just contact with ‘entities’. It's right under our noses, and we have no control over it... though, increasingly, it has covert control over us through interference with all-powerful corporations and governments...

... as we‘ll see tonight.

Steve Mera will examine the full potential of UFOs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and explain why the U.S. Government wants to steer away from the High Strangeness incidents surrounding this phenomenon.

Steve will be delving into numerous examples of these particular types of incidents that are happening in rural ranch-lands throughout the U.S. and other locations around the world.

This presentation is part of a much larger study known as ‘Project Doorway’ which has provoked concern from corporations and governments throughout the West.




To be announced.



MONDAY 5th DECEMBER 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


The Failed Alien Invasion of Earth 2018-2022

Thomas Sheridan returns to New Horizons after an absence of several years with insights into the strange goings-on we‘ve all been through in the past few years

Thomas will demonstrate how the events of the last two-and-a-half years was the result of some unknown non-human force which arrived into this reality and harvested huge amounts of human energy before leaving in August 2022.

When we think of ‘alien’, the human mind tends to think in terms of outer space visitors in flying craft, when in reality the truth of the matter is not only very different, but unlike today, our ancient ancestors perfectly understood the nature of the invaders.

They arrive as forces of the psyche and invade human consciousness and DNA. The invaders possess most people very easily, and yet some of us are naturally immune to being taken over. While some cannot see the obvious presence of these aliens amongst us – even when face-to-face with them – then how come some of us can tell what is going on?

Why is this?

How did some of us develop this ‘sight’ and give us the will to fight them off while others – particularity the more formally educated types – allow their minds to be like the beaches on D-Day? But without the defences.

The answer is in the same reason the pathological alien force left in August 2022: the human spiritual nature fought back with primal rage.

This will be a presentation your ancient soul will instantly understand, and your consciousness will never forget.

WEBSITE: https://linktr.ee/thomassheridan