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180 Degrees: Unlearn The Lies You’ve Been Taught To Believe

That's the title of Feargus O'Connor Greenwood's new book... a remarkable exposé of lies, lies, lies. And we're delighted that he can visit us and tell us more  

The premise of the book is that we are being lied to, not just about the small things but the big things - and not just some things but just about everything. Furthermore, humanity cannot get back on track unless we are dealing with the truth and the correct model.

180 Degrees does not attempt to preach to the reader - rather it guides them through the evidence with perspectives and insights so that they can decide for themselves where the truth lies. The book, not only focuses on how to effectively communicate with the reader, but how the reader can communicate those ideas to others, including those who hold strong contrary beliefs, without alienating them.

The global populace has been subjected to decades of social engineering, psychological warfare and much worse. That stops when enough people understand the techniques and playbook they are being subjected to.

To get back to the truth we need to invert the inversions. 180 degrees is not just an angle, it is an answer; a total perspective and a set of solutions.


MONDAY 21st MARCH 2022 – Open 7 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


The War on Meat

Phil Escott shows how the "eating of meat" has been demonised by fake science and a hidden agenda... vegans and vegetarians are killing themselves with their dangerous diet

We are being told we all need to eat less meat and more plants, for the sake of our health and for the "planet".

But is this advice based on science? If not, what is the truth in the war against meat, and what could be the real agenda?

Ben Hunt and Phil Escott from The Red Pill Revolution / Human Unleashed team and co-authors of the five-star reviewed book, "The Red Pill Revolution" and the hard-hitting upcoming sequel, "The Red Pill Food Revolution", take us through the many layers of deception we have been fed over the centuries to take us away from our ancestral diet and even convince us that it’s carcinogenic and the cause of heart disease.

Hopefully Ben and Phil will show you how reconnecting with that ancestral diet is not only reversing all manner of “incurable” diseases in those who adopt it, but is also the key to saving the environment and the soil from the ravages of monocrop agriculture. This agriculture produces some of the most deadly foods such as seed oils and processed carbohydrates, but those foods are being pushed as healthy and environmentally friendly by the elites and their big food and pharma corporations via corrupt studies, while they try to blame meat for everything from chronic disease to pandemics to climate change.

Over the centuries, plant-based diets have been used by the elites to keep the masses weak and suggestible, and the farming of crops in just the last 10,000 years or so of our history has facilitated the rise of the psychopaths who try to control us. 

We need to reclaim our ancestral heritage before it’s too late. Ancient foods do not cause modern diseases or environmental damage.