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MONDAY 21st JANUARY 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The Ancient Code

We are so pleased that Michael Feeley could visit and show how his 17 years of evidence-gathering, knowledge and investigative training have led him to break many ancient codes that have previously remained a mystery throughout the world

Just what are the famous ancient monuments of the world (and beyond) and biblical scriptures of the past really telling us?

Why is sacred information and sacred knowledge being kept away from the public?

What you have previously been told can now be re-written… Prepare to have your personal boat rocked as many thousands of years of secrecy and mistruths are now exposed and revealed to you during this talk.

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker who has authored seven paperback books and several e-books on various esoteric subjects and is also a public/conference speaker. Michael is a multiple paranormal experiencer and has personally witnessed dimensional portals; UFO sightings, day and night; received telepathic invites to attend certain locations; has seen the spirits of British Royalty (King Charles I) and has seen an ET being face-to-face amongst many ‘other world’ encounters!


MONDAY 28th JANUARY 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Simulation Theory – The Proof

As always, we are delighted that Lawrence Wright is joining us again for another of his amazing talks


MONDAY 4th FEBRUARY 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


An Introduction to Paranormal Investigation

We are delighted to introduce Kieran Woodhouse, paranormal investigator

A lifelong interest in anything paranormal, from ghosts to Bigfoot to UFOs, has led Kieran down the path of paranormal investigations.

He now spends his spare time investigating haunted locations with a team and occasionally delving in to the world of UFOs and conspiracy theories.

Kieran believes that these fields aren’t completely disconnected and can be drawn together if the dots are connected correctly.

Kieran’s presentation is for those looking to start out in paranormal investigating. He explains how different pieces of equipment are used and talks about his personal experiences using the equipment, as well as any scepticism he has towards investigating. 

MONDAY 18th FEBRUARY 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

School – No Place For Children: A Wake-Up Call

Following his popular presentation, last year, David Adelman continues his investigation into schooling and indoctrination

A dynamic talk about how school holds us all back, revealing the global agenda that lurks behind our draconian schooling methods; and how and why we need to reclaim the power and potential to live a life more of our own making and allow our children to do the same.

Otherwise we are in trouble.

David’s book – by the same name as his presentation – is a dynamic, living document full of testimonies from pupils and teachers past and present bearing witness to the toxic effects of the modern schooling system. Some even say that they feel scarred for life. It also uncovers the dark global agenda that lies behind abusive schooling methods and explores the more child-friendly alternatives that could save us all from the insanity of a system that is broken and rotten to its core.

It will give clarity and encouragement to those who may be wondering what happened to their innate gifts, talents and passions. Above all, it is a stark wake-up call for parents who know in their heart that school is not the best place for their child. According to one recent reader: "I knew I had a problem but I didn't know what it was until I read this book”.




MONDAY 25th FEBRUARY 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

A Perspective on Human Existence Explored through the Medium of Popular Song

Karl Boyle is a Preston musician, who utilises modern technology to integrate popular songs with video and sound effects

We are about to enter the most transformative period in mankind’s history with developments in AI, robotics and genetic engineering.

Living in an increasingly unpredictable and complex world, we lead chaotic busy lives, and are continually bombarded with contradictory information.

Issues such as privacy of data, and the negative consequences of social media are concerns to many people.

In the presentation, Karl attempts to raise some questions on what it means to be human in terms of our personal journeys, and our collective tenure of the planet.

Professor Stephen Hawking warned that we have 1000 years at the outside in which to leave the planet, and some reports have given as few as 12 years in which to tackle the climate change problem.

Karl is not seeking to peddle any particular message, but hopes that you will enjoy his evening of thoughts and music.



MONDAY 4th MARCH 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Alternate Realities – Many Worlds

Yogi, Ma Sanjnashakti (aka Ann Love) will be presenting an insight into other dimensions of reality

I live on an island where monks pray most of the day. People from all over the world visit the old church, light a candle and write a prayer request.

One day a child asked if his father could be kinder to him and could we send healing to the multi-universe.

It was a surprise, as science had hardly confirmed the Multi-Universe Theory and he was just a child. How did he know?

Was it instinctive knowledge, perhaps from another life?

Was he a reincarnation of Hugh Everett who first proposed it as an explanation as to why quantum matter behaves erratically?

Or had he been taught this in his Indian education as part of the ancient Hindu teachings?

I wonder where we really go to when we dream. Is it really another reality that exists at the same time as this reality?

When my mother with dementia has three different reality personalities in her mind, each one convincing it’s the truth, is she living in three different alternate worlds at the same time?

When in hypnosis, are people recalling past life events in this life or other dimensions?

Can we visit these worlds in meditative states and be aware we are there?

I’m a Yogi and have an interest in free thinking. If you do too, come along to my talk on Alternate Realities and Many Worlds.


MONDAY 25th MARCH 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Life After Life and Near-Death Experiences

David Trimble, the Organiser of the Northern Branch of the Aetherius Society will be answering some serious questions about death and the after-life

     * Are you curious?

     * Do you have questions you would like answered?

     * What happens after death?

     * Is there such a thing as reincarnation?

     * Where was I before I was born?

     * Have I been here before?

     * Are there such things as ghosts?

     * What is a near-death experience?

     * What is the purpose of life?

David is an experienced lecturer on mind, body and spirit subjects and has made numerous appearances on radio and TV, including Sky News. He is the Organiser of the Northern Branch of The Aetherius Society, a former business man and High Sheriff of Cumbria.



MONDAY 1st APRIL 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

A Game of Frequency

We are delighted to welcome back the fascinating Janet G

Fresh from finishing a popular four-part video series entitled ‘A Game of Frequency’ – which is now available on YouTube – Janet G brings aspects of that series, plus new perspectives to her latest presentation for New Horizons.

This 3D reality is made of dimensions, waves, vibrations and frequencies... it is a Satanic Matrix... an illusionary Dream-state, Soul-entrapment world that is harnessing the negative, base-energy from Living Souls to Power itself and to keep Living Souls from ever finding their true purpose and divinity.

Janet G will take us through many aspects of this ‘Soul-Trap’, Control-Matrix... some very dark and not for the faint-hearted.

Yet all is NOT lost for trapped ‘Living-Souls’. There is hope if we can awaken and connect with our higher self and ultimately our Creator.

The name of the game is to EXIT this Matrix once and for all, but to do this we have to start to open our eyes, ears and other senses.

God is telling you how to get out of here, but will you take heed?

MONDAY 8th APRIL 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

What Questions Your Doctor Never Asked You

The very popular Magnus Mulliner brings us more insights into health

You’ll all remember the famous quote by JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Could you replace the word “country” with the word “doctor”?

The word “doctor”, in Latin, means "to teach". What did you learn when you made an appointment to see your doctor? What empowering questions does s/he ask you, which has inspired you to make new exciting lifestyle and or environmental distinctions?

In this presentation, you’ll be reminded about powerful questions, which will instantly assist you on your new path to self-discovery on your ultimate Optimal Healthy Path.

We only have one prized precious possession and that’s our physical health. It is our true wealth which may be affected by our mental, emotional, intuitive, spiritual and social levels of being.

How amazing would it be for you to become clear as to what the aetiology (root cause) is of any health challenge presented, especially in the knowing you are NOT your dis-ease!

Although ‘labels’ maybe useful they are not your true identity!

You’ll walk away from this presentation with a far greater understanding as to where, how, when, why, and what YOU can do to become the change needed in order to be that HealThy LIGHT.

It’s not how long you live. It’s the quality of your long life.

MONDAY 15th APRIL 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

King Arthur – The Extra Mile – The Book

Mark Olly is a remarkably talented researcher and presenter

Part 1 – Based on the best-selling books, ‘The Keys To Avalon’ and ‘Pendragon – The Search For The Real Arthur’, evidence is put forward to establish Arthur and his men in North Wales, Wirral, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire.

Part 2 – ‘The Extra Mile’ reveals actual map locations for battles, burial sites, main characters, Camelot, Avalon, and much more.

Part 3 – looks at the details of surviving literary sources and their implications. 

MONDAY 29th APRIL 2019 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

How A Horse Riding Accident Improved My Life – Finding A Deeper Connection With Animals

Please join us in warmly welcoming Katherine Beaumont for her first presentation at New Horizons

I first started meditating with horses four years ago, after a riding accident, which left me unable to walk or ride for months. My horsemanship was traditional as it was culturally ingrained in me from being a child. I was also very stressed and depleted and really needed to stop. One day, my horse flipped over and sat on me, so stop I did. 

Through meditating, I noticed a significant change in the horses' behaviour around me, such as lying down which I had never seen them do before, and it made me stop in my tracks.

How I treat them just wasn’t beneficial to either of us.

I now listen to my horses and, in turn, they show me what is holding me back and where I need to grow.

I invite people to come and connect with them as a form of therapy and I also teach equestrians how to train their horses and dog owners how to support and train their dogs using the powers of compassion and meditation.

In this talk, I will explain how finding deep love within myself, through the power of horse connection and communication, changed my life.


MONDAY 20th MAY 2019

The Language of Creation

It’s a great pleasure to welcome back Dave Murphy whose insights are always fascinating

Language is something we take for granted as simply the only means of communication humans possess, but what if there is much more to it. 

This is a discussion that covers the origins of language, the truth about the languages that we speak today and how they are used to limit, dis-empower and trap ourselves every time we speak.

Dave will also be revealing that there is a primary language of mankind which we were all once aware of and is documented in the most unlikely of places.


MONDAY 3rd JUNE 2019

Food As Medicine – An Exploration Of Food And Herbs For Health

Neil Williams is a recognised expert in the field of natural nutrition and a very popular speaker, here

Chronic disease is high on the list of health concerns in the Western world. In this talk, we shall be exploring the role of food in keeping us healthy.

Firstly we shall be looking at what foods may be detrimental to our health - some may surprise you!

Secondly, we shall focus on foods and herbs that could possibly help us in finding good health. 

MONDAY 10th JUNE 2019

The Greatest Scandal In Literary History

We are delighted to introduce Christopher Sparkes with what promises to be a fascinating presentation

How the English Bible has been falsified

How one publication of a New Testament translation exposes and corrects the falsifications

In 1997, knowing there were serious errors in English Bibles, Christopher Sparkes set about making a translation to correct everything he understood was wrong.

Over the 22 years since then, after many tens of thousands of hours labour and "mind-blowing research", Christopher has discovered how English and European translations of the Bible have been corrupted over 16 centuries, affecting almost every major theme and teaching, including creation, who God is, who Christ is, the death and resurrection of Christ, the New Covenant, our structural identity, our eternal destiny, our true enemy, and even the gospel promise.

In the English Bibles, passages have been paraphrased; words and phrases altered from their grammatical forms and structures; some words and phrases have never been translated correctly; and internal harmonies of themes are broken.

In Christopher’s translation, “The Eonian Life Bible New Testament”, all the errors of tradition are exposed. And he has set out to make Bible reading – at last! – clear and helpful, so everybody can understand everything.

This Earth-shaking work will rock the Christian world. All this is the mightiest and heaviest threat to the political powers, because most Christian teaching mistakenly finishes everything up in Heaven, causing a distraction from the coming action here on Earth. 

MONDAY 17th JUNE 2019

Occult Aspects Of The Beatles, And The McCartney Conspiracy

Mark Devlin, a renowned researcher and professional DJ, always provides profoundly stimulating presentations

Were the Beatles really four regular lads from Liverpool who, against all the odds, just happened to become the most popular and influential group of all time?

Or is there more to know about how they achieved their fame, and what their ultimate role really was at the hands of the occult practitioners who really control the corporate music industry?

On that note, one of the most enduring “conspiracy theories” maintains that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by an impostor who has been playing the public role ever since. Preposterous as this may at first sound, there is actually multiple forensic evidence to show that, whatever the circumstances, there has been more than one “Paul McCartney” presented to the public these past few decades. 

Mark Devlin, whose books “Musical Truth” Volumes 1 and 2 document the dark side of the music industry, will present the evidence for a switch, and consider the circumstances in which this could have been achieved. 

MONDAY 24th JUNE 2019

Why Your Mind Is Not Your Own

Janine Griffiths – always popular at New Horizons – will show the link between mass media and tyranny

Divide and conquer is the name of the game when it comes to the mass media.

In this talk, I will outline why I think tyranny would not be possible without the aiding and abetting of the mass media.

Topics covered:

Brexit – Why Brexit is not what you think, and why the powers-that-be will not allow us to leave the EU.

The Economy – Why do we have recessions roughly every two years? Is it rigged?

The Depopulation agenda – How the media are co-opting the public into their depopulation agenda.

Political correctness – A tool of oppression in the divide-and-rule agenda.

Immigration – The plan to flood every country in the world with immigration. Find out how.

The pushback – Why we need to stop contracting with the system.

To understand our enemy, we have to understand how they work. The media has successfully caused divisions on every level.

Now it’s time to fight back.


MONDAY 1st JULY 2019

The “Green Wash” of Preston New Road

We welcome Gayzer Frackman, the well-known anti-fracking activist


Preston New Road – a community fracked by the state in its suicidal pursuit of fracking to pander to the TORY paymasters.

All the material in the presentation are the facts and experiences of the unsuspecting locals whose lives have been left in tatters by the deception of those they once trusted, and who have faced ridicule and attack when they slowly came to realise the devastating truth of THE GREEN WASH OF PRESTON NEW ROAD.

Facing a well-funded campaign to suck the oxygen from the community to promote the GREENS’ AGENDA, which would become the biggest hurdle that they will have to overcome to finally stop Cuadrilla and Fracking.

After accumulating evidence of the aggression and attacks of the TOXIC gang of thugs and criminals used to terrorise the locals and those who dare stand up to them, facing being assaulted at the roadside and online, involving slander, gas lighting, threats of violence and their families intimidated.

This story is our line in the sand as it is our aim to get our story out and bring legal challenges against those who have slandered us!

The fight alone has cost people their lives and health and we now need the help of those who have not listened to the hurt of the innocent, but believed the lies of the oppressors.

They can only do damage if we do not speak and support those who right now have NO VOICE AND LITTLE HOPE!


In the “Dock” are…

Friends of The Earth
Reclaim the Power (The militant wing of FoE)
Green Party

MONDAY 8th JULY 2019

Artificers of Fraud

We are delighted to introduce Peter Jones, the founder of the “Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education” in Preston

This is the story of a con foisted on the public by mainstream science.

‘Brownian motion’ is, allegedly, the vibratory movements of tiny microscopic particles suspended in fluid and was discovered by Robert Brown in 1828.

Except that if you repeat Brown’s experiments, you find that you are looking at something quite different– things discovered and described by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s: the bions, transitional forms between non-living matter and living matter, and the process of bionous disintegration.

In spite of ridicule and abuse, Reich’s experiments have been confirmed by various researchers. Reich’s findings have been routinely dismissed as ‘Brownian motion’!

Peter has been an active student of Reich’s work for years and has replicated many of his bion experiments – in all cases confirming his claims. He has written a book about this fraud, ‘Artificers of Fraud’. His presentation will be a summary of his investigations and include videos of some of them. The book and other materials will be on sale.

MONDAY 22nd JULY 2019

A Powerful Technique To Remove The Negative Imprint Of Traumatic Experiences

Heyoka Dave will be sharing his experience and knowledge of overcoming trauma

Heyoka Dave is the first known Heyoka Empath who asks individuals to use their own mind to delete, for good, any unwanted trauma’d memories – repeated thoughts that, if ignored, create the horrible debilitating depressed, anxious, addicted, suicidal feelings that all of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

After the working with the Heyoks, you will literally be unable to see those unwanted memories for good ever again. This means that, if you are unable to recall those unwanted painful memories, the mind naturally moves on to a more happier memory!!

How does it get any better than that? 

If our mind has no trauma’d unwanted memories and no repeated thoughts creating those bad feelings inside, your mental illness is over full stop!!


Issues covered...

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • depression

  • bi-polar

  • anger

  • jealousy

  • addictions

  • childhood abuse

  • suicidal thoughts

  • ADHD

  • OCD 

  • you name it...

The only thing the Heyoka can’t clear is someone’s debt!! 

A Heyoka Empath is a sacred clown or trickster who reflects – like a great mirror – everything in a person that NEEDS to be cleared for good to bring balance to that individual’s mind. 

How does the Heyoka work? He is like a stand-up comedian who names the truth about people’s words and behaviour akin to Robin Williams, Jim Carey or Peter Kay.

In by-gone times, the Heyoka Empath would have worked with the Red Indian tribes in North Dakota just outside of the reservation. The Empath’s job was to keep the tribe grounded, free from being ego-driven, to make sure the people had a balance to their lives and respected, loved  and cared for each other.


MONDAY 16th SEPTEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Food for thought

As our first presentation of the new season, we welcome John Broadbent who will describe how to survive the inevitable apocalypse that is heading our way

Given that the doctor makes you sick, the bankers make the money, the schools dumb down the kids, the “cures” kill you, and radiation transmitters threaten to kill us in our beds… given all that, what can you do?

Enjoy prepping for the future of what’s coming. Understanding your environment, and mastering it. Instead of resisting what is, make myself ready for what is coming. 

Instead of being the little boy shouting, “The king has no clothes!”, be Noah, preparing for a new future!

And this is how I am building my arc. This is how I am building a boat for when the titanic global economy sinks and we find ourselves surrounded by the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean with only our wits to help us survive.

Find out how to survive the disasters that are coming our way!

MONDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Was Moses, Akhenaten?

One thing we can certainly expect from the ever-popular Nick Kollerstrom is a hum-dinger of a conspiracy theory that, far from being crazy, is very real

The rebel pharaoh, Akhenaten, was blotted out from history for three thousand years - and no wonder, for he tried to erase all of the old gods of Egypt!

He was convinced that here was only one god, whom he called “Aten”. He founded a whole new city dedicated to his vision, but then after seventeen years of rule he was fired!

This had never happened to an Egyptian pharaoh before. The priests wanted their old gods back.

So he went out into the wilderness, where gradually he turned into Moses.

He had some Hebrew relatives – shepherd people who lived around the Nile delta, near the desert border.

And the rest is history... 

MONDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Project Doorway

Internationally-renowned paranormal investigator, Steve Mera, will be discussing the latest finding and experiments conducted under “Project Doorway” – a scientific inquiry into the UFO phenomena

According to a number of recent surveys, a UFO is seen every 8 seconds around the world! Have you ever wondered how so many UFOs are getting here?

Conventional scientific theories would have us believe that advanced civilizations may have the technology to cover the vast distances of space. What if that isn’t the case? What if ‘they’ are travelling here using a unique form of physics? Perhaps they are jumping in and out of our reality, utilizing earth’s very own electron diffused regions, better known as “portals”.

Steve will be investigating the connections between UFO’s and other mysterious anomalies all around the world, and revealing some startling images and details on Hybrid Underwater Craft, patents and Naval UFO incidents.


MONDAY 7th OCTOBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Is It Lawful And Illegal To Be An Uncivilized Antisocial And Politically Incorrect Man In This World Instead Of A Chimpanzee Swinging And Grunting In The Tree Being Listened To But Not Heard?

It’s great to welcome Thomas, again, who aims to bring some thought-provoking facts to the table

Has man imprisoned his self into a imaginary state of servitude in a society and made a bond through an event into mankind?

Are you a man or a kind of man?

Are you born of a country or some other superpower?

Why are you here?

Where did you come from?

Are you in an illusion or reality?

How did you lose your real state of being?

Who claims ownership of you?

Is that claim lawful or legal?

Is there a way out of this mess?

Are all men born equal?

Are all persons birthed equal?

How can we succeed without the rules of the game of life?

Has the rule book been purposely rubbished to avert you from reading them?

Are the persons who know the rules messing with your mind?

Whether you agree or disagree is up to you… I’m only the messenger doing what I believe to be my job!

MONDAY 14th OCTOBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Natural Law in a Post-Truth World

Mark Windows shares some experiences, insights and most importantly solutions into the system of control which is being ever more tightly imposed and also how and why the system still holds solutions

Truth and facts are contrary to the current “Post-Truth” world. The role of Natural Law in combating the now entirely corrupted and ever more controlling system can bring remedy. The present “post-truth” and administrative system now removes or tramples on our rights.

The “Windows on the World” show has covered in depth how the entire planet is being steered into a new form of Totalitarianism under a Global Action Plan which removes individual rights in favour of “Group Consensus”, “The Common Good”, “Social Justice” and “Social Equity” – deceptive terms which in effect remove all inalienable rights.

Truth is now heretical (“heretic” means “one who is able to choose”). The ever-narrowing corridor of “accepted opinion” and belief keeps out critical thought and facts in favour of an imposed “consensus” reality.

When there is no truth there is no natural law and no natural justice.

The purpose of this presentation is to explain in simple terms the system we operate in with practical examples of how and why it works. None of this is about opinion or belief or even religious faith. All these, though, are contributing factors in the “management of human resources”.

We are faced with ever more remote authority and an increasing “technocracy”, removing as much remedy as is possible. However, there is still remedy built into the present system.

A legal maxim states: Ignorance of the law is no excuse. However, we now have ignorance of reality where opinion and belief are more important than fact. The system is now so corrupted that evidence is routinely ignored, destroyed and kept out of court. 

From the Golden rule of law to administrative maritime law, the Poor Laws to Council Tax and the ever increasing creation of debt and the now unjust court system we also look at the liabilities of the Person and most importantly remedies in Law.

The Latin root word ver means “truth” or “true” – that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.

Natural Law: Based on observable truth.

Natural Justice: English Law System Doctrine that protects against arbitrary exercise of power by ensuring fair play. The ancient Trust Law forms all agreements made by an Oath between parties. It is actually about the oldest form of law on the planet.

The Post Truth World: Relating to a situation in which people are more likely to accept an argument based on their emotions and beliefs, rather than one based on facts.

MONDAY 21st OCTOBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Climate Policy Controls You! – Not Climate

We welcome Piers CorbynJeremy Corbyn’s brother – to give his insights into climate change, Extinction Rebellion and Brexit

Piers Corbyn gives a block-busting presentation spelling out how science shows that Man-Made Climate Change does not exist, exposes Extinction Rebellion as a globalist UN-EU Climate "WMD" hoax, and exposes the “con” in the context of the latest Brexit crisis.

Not to be missed!


MONDAY 4th NOVEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start


MONDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Proto-UFOs, Cosmics Consciousness and Stranger Things

Welcome back Anthony Beckett! – with his remarkable insight into UFO phenomena and beyond

In this talk, researcher and founder of the “Exopolitics Great Britain” conferences, Anthony Beckett, looks at studies of UFO phenomena and their correlation with other stranger phenomena.

Shedding some light onto the UFO mystery, Anthony challenges us to ask the difficult questions and in doing so reveals a richer tapestry of possibilities; not only for our comprehension of some of the most enduring of paranormal mysteries, but also for our own human potential.

Anthony will look at the dichotomy inherent within the UFO phenomenon and the challenges it places on its study. On one hand, we have the scientific data that demonstrates, without a shadow of a doubt, the physical reality of UFO phenomena: their physical, temporal and spatial characteristics. Then, on the other hand, we have the human UFO experience itself: a comprehensive study of which will lead any investigator to recognise that the challenge that we face with this phenomenon is our very notion of consciousness itself.

Somewhere between these two edifices lies the reality of a phenomenon whose influence has been so pervasive as to be rendered nearly invisible, yet it reaches every human being in its influence on human culture – and it does so regardless of the true nature of that reality.


MONDAY 25th NOVEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Sound Therapy – Medicine of the Future

We are delighted to introduce Elaine Thompson, one of Europe’s most qualified Sound Therapy practitioners and teachers

Elaine Thompson has been involved in Sound Therapy practice and training both in the UK, USA and in Europe for more than twenty-six years.

She has an enormous wealth of knowledge regarding frequencies of the body, and this helps her ability to pinpoint root emotional problems that create ill health.

Specific sound frequencies can sometimes dramatically improve physical and mental health conditions. Whilst working in Germany, she was featured on RTL Television after a wheelchair-bound man with 20 years of Multiple Sclerosis got up and walked three flights of stairs!

After helping a three year-old with severe haemophilia whose blood clotting ability was completely reversed, she was regularly featured on Sky TV for over a year. Her mission is for people to know that they can truly heal themselves, and, with a little help, anything is possible!




Can you change your life and your health? Your voice matches specific brainwaves that show up precisely on an EEG machine.

Elaine will demonstrate that happy or sad – whatever you’re feeling – these frequencies are also reflected in your voice, and manifest in your body as changes in mood, chemistry and muscle status.

Can you change it?


Can you erase those negative patterns and get your positive blueprint back?

Yes, you can! Your body strives to heal continuously, and the way you are affects its ability dramatically.

How does Sound Therapy work? A detailed analysis of your spoken voice gives a complete physical and emotional picture of you; then specific sounds within the lower brainwave range are given to you, to retrain your brain and bring back balance.

Time permitting, there will be a demonstration of voice analysis following the presentation.



MONDAY 2nd DECEMBER 2019 – Open 7:00 PM for FREE refreshments – 7:30 PM start

Is This All There Is?

Always a font of knowledge, Brian Halliwell returns to ask the Big Question...

“Is this all there is?”

That is the question that has been asked since the dawn of time. At the heart of the question is “What happens when we die?”

Countless civilisations, scientists and philosophers have tried to find answers to that very question.

But the mystery remains.

This talk is not carrying on that speculation.

This talk is about various people whose lives have been dominated by the question “What happens when we die?”