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MONDAY 17th JANUARY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Watching the Watchers: The Surveillance State Exposed

An important and thought provoking presentation by Charles Farrier

What if all your assumptions about CCTV were wrong? What if you were told that surveillance cameras do not reduce crime - would you still be in favour of them? What if CCTV cameras caused the very problems they purport to prevent?

Is there really a difference between soviet style roadside checkpoints and Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras? Did you know that the expansion of number plate cameras is part of a Home Office/ACPO agenda called Project Columbus? Are CCTV cameras against the very principles of the Common Law that has underpinned or society for hundreds of years? Did you know that the government released a National CCTV Strategy in 2007? The coalition government has tried to play up their pro civil liberties credentials - but the desire to further regulate CCTV was spelt out in the 2007 Strategy. Isn’t it rude to stare? Is the UK surveillance-mad or just mad?

Get informed, go to Charles’s information packed website at www.no-cctv.org.uk

Very highly recommended.

MONDAY 24th JANUARY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The History Of The Enslavement Of The British Isles

A detailed and passionate presentation by the incredible Abdun Nur

Before 1066 what is now known as the land of the Angles was known under its true name, Albion, and the Albic peoples were free. The immigrants from Germany, the Angles and the Saxons, through their Roman Catholic masters, and its iniquitous subjugated European supporters, enslaved the nation, a slavery that has not abated in a thousand years.

Sovereign thinking is the basis of the Roman Catholic strategy in maintaining a subjugated mind. Through understanding the true history and heritage we all share, a greater appreciation of how we arrived in the situation of a prison planet can be considered. Amazing revelations. A must see. Check out his extraordinary web site at www.servantofthelight.com

MONDAY 231st JANUARY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Ancient Technology

A stunning presentation by the extraordinary Phil Medley

Are we all expected to simply believe that people really just came out of the desert and built massive stone structures many of which survive to the present day? This is a detailed investigation into the builders of the ancient world, showing the fantastic structures built with technology way beyond present day knowledge.

Phil has travelled all over the world and observed and documented many ancient buildings we take for granted and will show with stunning pictures and video footage that the architects of these buildings all over the world were using the same advanced technology. Phil’s talks are always fascinating and at times mind blowing and this will be no exception with incredible detailed rare information.


MONDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

We Don’t Need No Thought Control

A fascinating presentation by Anthony Green

The controlling of populations by physical force is not only difficult, expensive and time consuming but also it is inefficient and ineffective, especially in an age of advance technology and understandings in psychology and sociology. This talk will provide an introduction to the ignored programmes of Psychological Operations and Predictive Programming used by governments, militaries and intelligence groups in conjunction with the media and the education systems on populations at large.

Social engineering is a standard technique of creating, moulding and guiding views, perceptions and the identities of a target population to fit to a required social, economic or political agenda. Mandatory schooling and other programs of indoctrination will be discussed. All the information in this talk is presented with referenced material.

Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/Whoisafraidofreality

MONDAY 14th FEBRUARY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Nutrition And Your Mind

An empowering evening with the magnificent Magnus Mulliner

Magnus comes to us very highly recommended indeed. What and when foods and/or liquids you consume will play a huge role in the state of your mind and body. Our physical bodies never lie, if we are deficient in the right MACRO (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) and MICRONUTRIENTS (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, bacteria, etc), dehydrated and/or full of TOXINS then we become sick. What are the right foods for you to consume, which will empower you to taking control of your mind and body?

Each student will be ‘reminded’ about when and what we ate over the last 10,000 years. By making some simple distinctions and/or changes in our lives we can immediately take control of our health. Find out what our bodies crave for, what and when foods affect us, and get tangible nutritional information that will empower you.

Magnus’s web site is at www.mtenergie.com and also check out www.youtube.com/magnusmulliner

MONDAY 21st FEBRUARY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The Global Financial Crash - Part II: The Citizens Strike Back

A welcome return of the popular and knowledgeable Michael Hallam

A follow up presentation from Michael’s talk on Monday 18th October 2010 which was well received with loads of great feedback from the audience. In part one, we explored how the current financial system serves to make an elite plutocratic minority increasingly rich, whilst passing on their debts to the rest of the population. We also began to look at how local wealth can be created to counter the banking systems invention of money as debt.

We will continue by looking in more detail at the processes by which local wealth is ‘created’ and the steps involved. Together we will actively explore the question “what is local wealth?” and begin to look at how we can financially ‘immunise’ ourselves against the wave of government cuts that is heading our way. Another cracking evening in prospect.

MONDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

2012 - The Planetary Alignment

The delightful and very well informed Kathy Rowan-Drewitt

The planetary alignment on 21st December 2012 has been long awaited. Some say it is a time to be feared, others talk of ascension and new spiritual energies. In this presentation Kathy explains the real meaning of the planetary line up as shown by western astrology. Not only will she reveal the worldly meaning of this planetary alignment but she will also reveal the deeper spiritual lessons of this time based on many years as a professional astrologer and initiate of the Western Mystery Tradition. Bio: Kathy Rowan-Drewitt DMS Astrol.

Kathy qualified as a professional astrologer gaining her diploma with the Mayo School of Astrology with distinctions for outstanding achievements in 2001. Since then she has built up a busy astrological practice from home. She taught astrology for the Blackpool and The Fylde college for six years and now teaches astrology and other esoteric subjects privately. She is a popular speaker at workshops and conferences throughout the United Kingdom and runs her own residential courses in the Lake District. She is BBC Radio Lancashire’s resident astrologer and recently had a programme shown on SKY TV. A not to be missed fascinating and very informative evening.

Kathy’s web site can be found at http://rowanastrology.website.orange.co.uk with quite a few courses available. Kathy’s E Mail address is kathyrowan18@hotmail.com


MONDAY 7th MARCH 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The Final Meltdown

A welcome return of one of the UK’s foremost alternative researchers Ian R Crane

Former oilfield executive Ian R Crane, has become one of the UK’s leading authorities in deep geopolitics, where geographic, economic, social and political issues conjoin. Once you understand what the eventual goal is for the global society, then actions in the present, which seem irrational or bizarre, become far easier to comprehend. Many people are now realising that the world is not exactly like it is being portrayed by politicians, business leaders, and their media front men.

Ian has looked behind the curtain to discover the truth. He will be sharing unique insights into the latest developments of the global elite’s master plan and the financial swindles by global bankers. As recently as May 2010, arch-strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, senior adviser to Barack Obama, stated in a presentation to the highly influential Council on Foreign Relations that “...the greatest obstacle to establishing a One World Government is the rapid political awakening amongst the masses.”

Help take that awakening one step further. www.ianrcrane.co.uk

MONDAY 14th MARCH 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

A Human History: 60 Million Years In Transition

An incredibly detailed presentation by the exceptional Nick Marchmont

An illustrated journey from the birth of Earth to the dawn of art, agriculture, temples and cities. This presentation tells of humanity’s most distant past and is a journey from ancient Africa to the brick-lined burial pits of the world’s most ancient cities. As this story unfolds we encounter an ice age pottery in prehistoric Europe, a megalithic temple deliberately buried 10,000 years ago and the Earth’s most massive platform on which there rests stone blocks weighing up to 1000 tonnes. The decisions made by our ancestors through the ages have resulted in the minds, attitudes and physique of modern humans.

This grand tale is an immense sweep through history and our own personal story. Much more information at www.HealingHistory.dr-rock.biz

Nick has already done two thoroughly engrossing and very entertaining and informative talks for us on Sacred Geometry and Alchemy, this should be another belter.

MONDAY 21st MARCH 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The Apollo Moon Landings: Removing The “Truth’s” Protective Layers

A very informative and detailed presentation by Andrew Johnson

In this presentation, we will look at the evidence which suggests that the Apollo “Moonshot” Programme, as presented to the public, could not have landed men on the moon.

We will try to consider a wide range of evidence such as: Background to the Apollo program. A review of some of the Apollo technology. What the astronauts said themselves - including statements by Neil Armstrong. Analysis of the photo evidence and photo anomalies. A review of recent photos claiming to show “Apollo relics” on the moon. A review of the research conducted by James Collier, Ralph Renee and others. A look at the legacy of Apollo and where the manned space programme currently stands. Andrew’s exceptional web site www.CheckTheEvidence.com is full of great information.

Andrew’s presentations are always fact-based and very detailed. Great stuff.

MONDAY 28th MARCH 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The life of Aleister Crowley: The Great Beast 666

A welcome return of the meticulous and vibrant Brian Halliwell

Aleister Crowley was for 30 years one of the most vilified men in Britain and was known as “The most wickedest man in the world” and “The Great Beast 666”. Drugs, orgies & magical ceremonies filled his life - but many who associated with him died tragically including his wife and child. But what’s the truth behind the smoke screen of mythology which surrounds Aleister Crowley - The Fallen Magician?

The talk will explore these issues. Brian has such a natural enthusiasm that makes his talks a joy to behold as well as being very informative with many revelations.


MONDAY 4th APRIL 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Global Awareness: UFOs and Crop Formations

A remarkable presentation by the exceptional Alan Foster

Alan Foster is a writer, researcher and lecturer on the subject of UFOs, Crop Formations, Environmental and Spiritual Issues. With over 37 years of UFO research and 16 years of in depth Crop Formation research, Alan will give a slide presentation that highlights the interconnected nature of UFO interactions and Crop Formation messages, also revealing some fascinating first hand military and commercial airline UFO encounters.

He will discuss how important it is that humanity becomes aware of the UFOlogical subject as a form of preparation for forthcoming Global changes. Alan’s website can be found at www.alanfostersky.com

Alan comes very highly recommended.

MONDAY 11th APRIL 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

New Developments In The London 7/7 Story

A detailed update and thought provoking presentation by Nick Kollerstrom

The 7/7 Inquest lasting 5 months is a massive bid by the government to take control of the narrative of the 7/7 London Bombings but will they manage? Is their story disintegrating, and is it not becoming evident that this was a major New World Order staged terror event, to prevent the Human Race from fulfilling its potential, and try to keep everyone living in fear? Any participation of the families of the alleged four bombers has been banned, and the outcome of this no-jury Inquest is totally pre-fixed.

Nick believes that we need to promote the concept of Islamic innocence in the events as his investigation of the Luton train times went worldwide in 2005 and proved that the supposed bombers could not have physically have been there at the official times to do the deed. Nick has been attending the inquest and the more elements that the government provide the more discrepancies that become blatantly apparent as the detail does not stand up to close scrutiny.

Nick has been providing some very thorough and stunning postings about the inquest on his web site www.TerrorOnTheTube.co.uk

MONDAY 18th APRIL 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The Bosnian Pyramids: The Untold Story

An intriguing and stunning presentation by Richard Hoyle

Richard was one of the key archaeologists working on the Bosnian Pyramids in 2010. The controlled media and scientific establishment is presenting misinformation, denying the existence of pyramids claiming it is a hoax.

Having spent several months in Bosnia in the summer of 2010 there is no doubt in Richard’s mind about their existence. They are real. They are the largest pyramids in the world and the oldest known currently - at least 15,000 years or older. What is even more incredible is that the Sun Pyramid is constructed from concrete. Samples have been analysed by the University of Paris Materials Science department and they concluded it is up to five times stronger and more water resistant than the best quality concrete we can make today with modern industrial processes. There are many more mind blowing discoveries which have been made, including a beam of electromagnetic energy found at the top of the Pyramid.



MONDAY 9th MAY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Gender Issues And The Family Nucleus: The Collapse Of Community In The Financial Meltdown

A thought-provoking presentation by the prolific speaker and author Hajja Saba Khalid

A talk detailing the adverse impact that Usury Capitalism has had on family and society. In a modern world where traditional values are seen as backward, we are witnessing deterioration of the family and catastrophic results to the larger community. Usury Capitalism has forced upon society a way of life that is leading to what some scientists have called the sixth human extinction. How to rebuild the disintegrating family nucleus and reverse the current trends AND will present a survival guide to the current financial crash in progress. Very highly recommended indeed.

Saba Khalid is a prolific speaker and author. She was very active during the feminist movement in the 60’s and has ever since been active in bridge building between people of all faiths and challenging people from all walks of life. She has lived in various communities and acted as a key member to the formation of unique communities in Granada, Spain as well as Norwich, Burton and previously in Leeds. Her experience and knowledge from western background of both Islam and Western culture give her a deep insight in developing ideas in solving some of the complex social problems we face in the United Kingdom. She has recently worked with transition town movements as well as other groups who are working on community models.

MONDAY 16th MAY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Psychic Spooks: The Story of Psychic Espionage & Remote Viewing

A welcome return of the enigmatic Tony Topping

All humans have the innate potential to receive detailed information on a target, using only their minds. But throughout history, only a small number of exceptional natural psychics developed their ability to a point of repeatability and consistency. It was not until the late twentieth century when the U.S. intelligence community poured millions of research dollars into the area of psychic functioning that a true breakthrough was realised. In an effort to use psychics for intelligence gathering purposes, the Defence Intelligence Agency contracted Stanford Research Institute to develop a reliable technique that could be used to collect accurate information on distant targets. The outcome of this research was a set of protocols and a training programme that allowed virtually anyone to be trained to perceive psychically derived information, while surpassing the accuracy of the best known natural psychics.

For the first time, a remote viewer could learn how to consistently separate imagination from true target data and remain locked on to the target signal. Unlike earlier research involving “out-of-body experiences” and freshly Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), the remote viewer worked fully conscious at a state of high attention. The protocols were designed to slowly bring the viewer to closer target contact, working from the general to the specific, collecting bits and pieces of data in a specific and structured manner, with all viewers following the same rigorously applied six stage process. Definitely mind expanding.

Check out Tony’s web site at www.etlife.co.uk

MONDAY 23rd MAY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

A Herbal Medicine Chest

An information packed presentation by the knowledgeable Neil Williams

Many people are now turning to natural and alternative remedies due to becoming dissatisfied with artificial or petrochemical based products. Herbal Medicine has been used effectively for thousands of years in many traditions from all over the world and has proved itself safe and effective time and time again.

In this talk you will learn what herbal remedies can easily be obtained for you to make your own natural medicine chest or first aid kit and how to use these herbs to treat a number of conditions such as: colds and flu, sore throats, coughs, insomnia, stress, minor burns, cuts and bruises, indigestion and many more. Neil is a Medical Herbalist in the Western tradition having studied a degree in herbal medicine at the University of Central Lancashire.

Essential information.


MONDAY 6th JUNE 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

America and China: The Looming Vice, the Coming Conflict

A thought-provoking information-packed presentation by Terry Boardman

Is there a way between or shall we all be crushed? The economic crisis that began in 2007-08 was facilitated by the rapid injection of hundreds of millions of Chinese workers into the global economy and the resulting explosion of goods and credit. China’s time has come, but so far, she has essentially been copying our economic practices and our errors.

Like Britain 100 years ago, America’s ‘glories’ are fading but the Americans’ psychological anxieties and their mega military continue to grow - a dangerous combination. Half way through the 20th century millions of families were scarred by the East-West conflict of the Cold War. Is that to be repeated in a different form? The signs are that the Western elite is preparing for it. Can their mania be stopped? How to understand the US-China relationship? Will the 1930s be repeated - a global economic crisis followed by the false ‘solution’ of a terrible war? In what sense are America and China both ‘Atlantean’ Powers? How can the rest of us find our way between this polar vice of the Eagle and the Dragon, without being crushed? Where is Britannia in all this?

In tackling these questions, this talk will make suggestions as to how we can find a way through. Terry’s website is www.monju.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

Not to be missed.

MONDAY 13th JUNE 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Neolithic Observatories

An all new Powerpoint presentation by Kevin Rowan-Drewitt

Kevin will be looking at the various megalithic sites around Britain and Ireland that are aligned with the Sun, Moon, Venus and the stars. Sites included are Stonehenge, Callanish, Bryn Celli Ddu, Newgrange, Thornburgh Henge and Castlerigg, all of which he has visited. Kevin will be revealing how the sites were aligned in the way they were by the Neolithic people and how they could calculate their unit of measurement, the Megalilth Yard, on site. This will be an opportunity to marvel at the achievements of your ancestors and walk in their footsteps.

Kevin Rowan-Drewitt is a lecturer on Earth Mysteries for the Blackpool and the Fylde College. His first book, ‘The Rowan Guide to Castlerigg Stone Circle’ was published last year and his next one, ‘Spirals on Circles - The Rowan Guide to Long Meg, Little Meg and Glassonby Stone Circles’ is due to be published next year.

Look forward to a fascinating evening.

MONDAY 20th JUNE 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

“Nexus Conference 2010: Summary Highlights”

Big Screen Film Night

This two hour film presentation contains highlights of the three day Nexus Conference held in Australia in late 2010. There are stunning well edited highlights giving the key information from all of the following presentations:

Dirty Electricity, EMFs and Health - Donna Fisher

Language and Social Control - David Wynn Miller

They Lied to Us in Sunday School - Ian Ross Vayro

The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy & the NWO - Jim Marrs

Hidden History - Jim Marrs

The Expanding Earth & 2012 - Dr James Maxlow

Amazing Ancient Archaeological Artefacts - Klaus Dona

Frequency Healing Technology - Dr Kathy Forti

Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields - Nassim Haramein/ Duncan Rhodes

UFOs, Exopolitics & Disclosure - Stephen Bassett

HCG Hormones, Body Fat & Health - Sherril Sellman

Communicating With Animals - Trisha McCagh

The Electric Universe - Wal Thornhill.

A plethora of exceptional detailed information. Not to be missed. All of the individual DVDs are available at www.nexusmagazine.com

MONDAY 27th JUNE 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The God Conspiracy: A Devil’s Agenda

A fascinating presentation by the exceptional Darren Deojee

From state psychological manipulations over generations to financial fraud on a global scale, monarchic elitisms, pharmacological stupefaction/ poisoning and a masking of the true history of ‘the dark ages’- none of the information that is burning through the minds of the awakening many is anywhere near on the scale, or impact, of the original Western conspiracy, The God Conspiracy.

All modern controls and mis-directions are mere distractions built on top of that solid psychological, magical and spiritual foundation. A total misdirection of the awakening West was accomplished, whose zealots then ravaged the rest of the world to inflict their ‘Gospel’, the ‘God-spell,’ upon the unsuspecting natives across the globe. But what lies beneath this conspiracy? What was its purpose? It’s impact? What stupendous truth could hide behind the greatest lie of them all? As Darren always says ‘we spell all our words because all our words are spells’ and in this talk explores some of the most powerful ‘spells’ used to control and mislead us in all the areas of mass awakening today.

The God Conspiracy is seen to be nothing but a Devils Agenda. Darren’s web site can be found at www.alternativeanswers.net

Very highly recommended indeed.


MONDAY 4th JULY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Enemy Of The State: Are You Paranoid Or Are They Really Out To Get You

Another fascinating evening in prospect with the extraordinary Frank Willis

George Orwell wrote the book 1984 and some say it was a ‘prophesy’ of things to come. Some say its just a science fiction writing. Does big brother exist? this talk will open your minds to the reality of what Britain is really about. Do you think you are living in a free country? If you think so then why do you go to court when you are summonsed Is the system for your protection and from who? Why are we the most filmed nation on this planet? To what lengths will they go to ‘watch’ you? What type of information is held on you and why? If you have a private phone number then why do you get cold callers ringing you?

Information is a powerful commodity and therefore very sellable at the right price. Do you trust these ‘powers’ with information they have on you. Think again on how free you really are! This talk will blow your mind and make you realise how manipulated and imprisoned in what you think is freedom. Frank has build up almost a cult following in the last few years.

Not to be missed.

MONDAY 11th JULY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The True Colours of Mars

A welcome visit by the Leeds based scientist and truth activist Anthony Beckett

Anthony will present the scientific evidence that shows that life is not unique to the planet Earth. In the 30 years since NASA sent biology experiments to our neighbouring planet, developments in astrobiology and terrestrial biology clearly indicate that life has a foothold on Mars. Is an announcement on this discovery by either NASA or the Obama Administration imminent? 

e have reason to suspect NASA of holding back the release of this discovery. Is this overcautious science hindering progress or power-brokers using this knowledge for political gain. Either way, it seems that the announcement of the biggest discovery in scientific history is well overdue. Anthony runs the web site www.truthforum.co.uk

His own personal web site is www.anthonybeckett.com

Mind expanding.

MONDAY 18th JULY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Oxygen Therapies

A hands-on presentation by the irrepressible Lawrence Wright

A hands-on, interactive, audience participation presentation by Lawrence Wright on Oxidative Therapies and how they can restore your body to pristine health and vitality and keep it that way. What colour is your blood? The blood of most of western society is closer to BLACK than the CHERRY RED that nature intended due to accumulated toxins from the environment, the food you eat, the liquids you drink and the medication you take. Topics in the presentation include: OZONE (AKA The Breath of God), HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, OXYGEN SUPPLEMENTS, MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement Solution), (BLEACHGATE), MSM, DMSO.

You’ll love the enthusiastic organised chaos that Lawrence brings to audience participation. Don’t miss this one!!!

MONDAY 25th JULY 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The History Expunged From British Schools

A stunning presentation by the enigmatic Tony Gosling

This Island Nation has produced the biggest empire the world has ever seen. It was the most powerful country in the world for over two centuries, ruling nearly 500 million people, over a quarter of the world’s population at its peak in 1922. What were the forces behind the scenes that propelled a tiny nation into this position? How come Britain is now being brought to its knees by the successors to the very people who built it up? What should we be proud and what ashamed of?

Tony Gosling will take us on an alternative journey through British history. Not focusing on kings and queens, but on the secret societies and quiet events behind the scenes that have shaped this country’s unique historic place and made English the nearest humanity has yet come to a world language. Tony’s information packed web site can be found at www.bilderberg.org

Stunning suppressed information.


MONDAY 4th AUGUST 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The Fear of Change Heading Towards 2012

An evening you won’t forget with the extraordinary Dex Dobie

In tonight’s presentation we will be viewing the impossible when compared to most people’s version of what is called “normal”. We will be searching for answers that have been asked since the dawn of this recent cycle of experience, as it now draws to a close, as we head towards 2012.

If you have an enquiring open mind, what will be shown to you in this presentation should leave you with many questions that ultimately may change the way you think and feel about your present understanding of life. Dex’s website can be viewed at www.dexdobie.com

Come along, sit back, fasten you seat belt and prepare for a roller-coaster ride with the extraordinary Dex Dobie.

MONDAY 11th AUGUST 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your Life

An empowering evening with the magnificent Magnus Mulliner

Everyone present will be invited on an individual journey to gain more knowledge and start to EMPOWER themselves. They’ll be ‘reminded’ about how to find BALANCE (Yin/Yang) and how POWERFUL their THOUGHTS, BREATH, WATER, FOOD, SLEEP, CREATIVE MOVEMENTS and four other HABITS play in their lives and if necessary how to make new distinctions such that they do not become a medical statistic. You’ll learn more about our ‘Forefather’s wisdom’ and how to create more of what you want in your life.

Your body is designed to keep you healthy and good health is everyone’s birthright. In fact the ability to experience radiant health is part of the genetic code built into every cell in your body. The bottom line is, unless you match your nutrition to your metabolism, you’ll only be wasting your time and money! Magnus offers guaranteed solutions as he shares his passion so that you: increase your knowledge of how to prevent and reverse chronic conditions, naturally achieve and maintain your ideal weight, enhance your athletic performance, enjoy sustained energy and endurance, conquer indigestion, overcome fatigue and allergies, bolster your immune system, slow down your ageing process, overcome mood swings and depression and ultimately improve your whole quality of life, while at the same time create enjoyment and gain optimum vitality.

Magnus’s web site is www.mtenergie.com


MONDAY 5th SEPTEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Calendars, Prophecy and the History of Time

An incredibly detailed presentation by the exceptional Nick Marchmont

A Tale Of Time, Space And Visions Of The Ancients. More than 6,000 years ago, whilst most early societies were using the moon to ‘lose’ almost 11 whole days each year, the Egyptians were using a solar calendar that was accurate to around 6 hours. Even after years of interference by priests and Popes, by 1267 Roger Bacon, the finest mind of his age, was describing the calendar as ‘intolerable to all wisdom, the horror of all astronomy, and a laughing stock from a mathematician’s point of view.’ And yet, a thousand years before this, the Maya had perfected the world’s most accurate and inclusive means of measuring time by describing, entirely in numbers, a version of the Earth’s position in space. And as the Maya knew, when Humans have ancestral links to the land and understand the nature of time... they can prophesy.

Nick’s latest presentation examines why the pre-dynastic Egyptians were so hot at calendars and how it took Rome and Britain additional millennia to acquire the art of telling the time. Also included in this talk is a brief but detailed introduction to the prophetic and sacred calendars of the Maya, and a world of universal fire, elegance and wisdom. Lots more excellent information at www.healinghistory.dr-rock.biz

Nick’s presentations are always fascinating, entertaining & extremely informative.

MONDAY 12th SEPTEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Beyond Treason: A Time Of Chaos

A welcome return of one of the UK’s foremost alternative researchers Ian R Crane

Western governments have lost contact with the people, social reality and humanity in general. It is becoming a time of chaos brought to a head by the contrived banking crisis. The ruling elite believe themselves to be the Rightful Rulers of the World and are now convinced that they have a very short Window of Opportunity to establish their plan for a One World Government. Their vision is for total control of all planetary resources including Human Resources, which will be reduced to the chosen 500,000,000.

For years the western governments were able to keep their people locked into consumerist materialism preventing them from realising who they truly are what is really going on. However, things are not going entirely to plan as the ‘Rapid Awakening’ of the masses is advancing at a phenomenal pace. In this presentation Ian connects the apparently random pieces of a complex multi dimensional puzzle, a puzzle which the ruling elite believe to be beyond the comprehension of the masses. Ian’s presentation will be up to date and very hard hitting. You can get Ian’s DVDs and much more info at www.ianrcrane.co.uk

Stunning well evidenced revelations. Bring your friends along and let’s fill the place. You will not be disappointed, that’s for sure.

MONDAY 19th SEPTEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Exploring Consciousness, Enlarging Reality

A very informative and detailed presentation by the incredible Andrew Johnson

In this presentation, we will try to consider the nature of consciousness and its fundamental importance. We will consider evidence that our consciousness does not always reside in the physical body - considering the testimony of people who have had near-death experiences. What is the meaning of these experiences? Can an understanding or knowledge of them “expand our reality”? We will look at some cases of the “idiot savant” syndrome - “the foolish wise ones” - who are able to automatically perform great mental feats.

Looking at the research of people like Rick Strassman, Graham Hancock, Anthony Peake. We will also consider people’s other experiences of altered or expanded consciousness and how there seems to be an effort, in organised western cultures to discourage or prevent us from experiencing these altered states of consciousness. We will also consider how the study of “alternative knowledge” about lost civilisations, aliens and ETs, 9/11 and so on seems to be part and parcel of expanding our consciousness. Andrew’s information packed web site can be found at www.checktheevidence.com

Always fact-based, always very detailed, great stuff.

MONDAY 26th SEPTEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Alfred The Great And Common Law

A passionate and powerful presentation by the amazing Albert Burgess

The New Horizons team first saw Albert at the first Stoke “Lawful Rebellion” conference where his powerful presentation stunned the audience. Albert is a retired special constable and became interested in treason at the highest levels of government when he saw official documents released from the national archives under the thirty year rule which clearly evidenced treason. Alfred The Great established one just law for everyone - Common Law.

Albert will give a step by step account of how the legal codes of Alfred the Great have travelled down through history to guarantee our safety and security. Explaining how the laws used by Alfred have repeatedly been reissued time after time, and how every time we have got rid of a King it has been because he has attempted to rule outside of Alfred’s Laws. We will also cover the crimes committed against these laws how and by whom.

Astonishing essential information.


MONDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Former Principal Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell: 9/11 And 7/7 Institutional Denial in the Police Service and the Judicial System

An evening with ex Principal Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell

Tony Farrell served as a Principal Intelligent Analyst for South Yorkshire Police in Britain from 1998 to July 2010. In the days preceding the fifth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings Farrell discovered that the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 attacks were acts of state terrorism by the secret intelligence agencies of the United States, Israel, and England, not acts of Islamic terrorism by non-state terrorist organisations.

Tony said that in the summer of 2010 he came across damning information on alternative news sources and documentaries on the internet that revealed the government narrative of 9/11 to be a big lie. After that shocking discovery he did not want to play a part in the UK police system which is acting on the false basis that the terror threat to Britain is coming from Islamic terror groups outside the country, and from radical Islamists inside the country.

Tony Farrell is a man of conscience who believes that to stay silent in the face of the truth is to commit a great sin against humanity. He is brave for speaking up and informing his colleagues of the great betrayal committed by the British government against the British people on July 7, 2005. Since Tony went public a couple of months ago, he has appeared on Richplanet, Edge TV and Alex Jones shows and undertaken numerous radio broadcasts in America, Ireland and in his home near Sheffield. At his unfair dismissal hearing in September 7th-9th, he was unexpectedly represented by Ian R Crane and after the hearing was dismissed he rejoined Ian R Crane to make a special guest appearance on Edge TV on the tenth anniversary of 9/11... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lILklLNzRfQ

Tony lost his job because he spoke the truth. His case is the subject of a monumental ongoing Employment Tribunal struggle that has the potential to go all the way to the European Court of Human Rights. A trust fund has been set up by to support Tony in fighting his case for justice. Richard D Hall has created the following page for people to make donations to the Tony Farrell Appeal Fund: http://www.richplanet.net/tonyfarrell.php

While no longer a Principal Intelligence Analyst for the police, Tony now considers himself a “Principled” Intelligence Analyst speaking out for the truth. Let’s ensure that we make him very welcome.


On Monday 3rd October 2011, New Horizons raised £650 for the Tony Farrell Appeal Fund from the entrance charges, the sale of DVDs and a bucket collection. We’d like to thank everyone for their contribution.

MONDAY 10th OCTOBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Capitalism Isn’t Working

The exceptional Abdun Nur

A step by step guide to a truly safe and lawful community. Abdun will present a fully explained viable alternative to the spiralling degeneration of the modern lawless world, through the establishment of Natural Law, which requires no State permission and is enacted by each individual man or woman who wishes to be free of the fear, fictions, and lies.

At this time the world is in the hands of clinical psychopaths who have over generations installed layer upon layer of frauds, these many frauds hide the truth, they confuse the mind and allow unimaginable crimes to be inflicted upon people around the world, in the name of freedom they murder millions, in the name of profit they hold billions in poverty, in the name of State they impose fear through corporate policy known as legislation, hiding the law of the land. He will explain how to establish lawful society, how to enforce the law, how to fund the community, how you can be insured without a need for companies; and establish services like hospitals and schools, etc., without a State, sovereign, a single imposed contract of legislation or any need for banks. Further how to establish free energy systems that allow communities to function with limitless transport and electrical systems, without using any fuels, cheaply, and pollution free.

Are you ready to be a freeman? Abdun’s web site is at http://servantofthelight.com

A passionate and powerful presentation.

MONDAY 17th OCTOBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The Incredible Story of Muad’Dib and his 7/7 Ripple Effect

We are extremely proud to have the incredible Muad’Dib

Muad’Dib’s DVD “7/7 Ripple Effect” provided substantial evidence as to why the 7/7 London bombings were not the work of Muslim terrorists, and that they were certainly not carried out in the manner claimed by the British government and security services. He also gave a very creditable alternative scenario as to “what really happened” on 7/7. He spent 157 days in prison awaiting trial for posting copies of his DVD to the Judge and Foreman of the jury of a trial at Kingston Crown Court, which concerned individuals accused of assisting the 2005 London bombings.

They were found not guilty. Muad’Dib was found not guilty. 

he stunning silence of the BBC and mainstream media regarding these trials surely says it all. His websites are:- http://JforJustice.co.u & http://jahtruth.ne & http://jahsongs.co

His e-mail is:- Muad-Dib@JforJustice.co.uk

Please come along to hear Muad’Dib’s presentation and give this brave man the resounding welcome that he surely deserves.

MONDAY 24th OCTOBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence Of Directed Free-Energy Technology On 9/11

All the way from the USA the incredible Dr Judy Wood BS, MS, PhD

On 11 September 2001, astounding events unfolded in the USA - including the complete destruction of World Trade Centre Towers 1, 2 and 7. These events changed the world - changed all our lives.

Yet, it was years later that an official investigation was launched. All mainstream media sources generally take a view that those official investigations were adequate - and no one should have cause to seriously question them. However, the pictures on the left show that WTC 1 (like WTC 2) did not “burn up”, nor did it “slam down” - it was turned into dust in mid air - leaving almost nothing of the building itself.

Dr Judy Wood, a former Professor at Clemson University, USA, with degrees in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering Science, will present rarely seen graphic evidence which proves what really happened to those enormous structures. Her detailed scientific study exposes a challenging conclusion which most people have never had a chance to see, hear and evaluate. Dr Wood is the only person to submit elements of her forensic study in a US Federal court case in 2007, news of which was censored. If you want to know more, please bring as many people as you can to this unique event - and study the evidence. Much more info at www.wheredidthetowersgo.com


New Horizons are exceptionally privileged to have Dr Judy Wood with us. Let’s fill the place and give her the reception that her stunning research deserves.

MONDAY 31st OCTOBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Beasts On The Threshold

The ever-popular and very knowledgeable Michael Hallam

Tackling the Inner Obstacles that block the building of a healthy and vibrant local economy and community spirit. Following on from our previous two events, where we exposed the fraudulent unsustainable nature of the Global financial system and revealed the means by which we can create local wealth, we now move on to explore the blockages and conditioning within ourselves that stop this happening. At its heart, trade is relationship but there are many things which stand in the way of our relating and trusting each other.

Tonight we will look at the three big blockages that get in the way: fear, doubt and anger. Together we will explore ways we can overcome these and begin building a better future.


MONDAY 7th NOVEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Monopoly Money, Global Financial Fraud and How to Win the Game

We are delighted to be able to host a presentation by the incredible Jon Witterick

Jon Witterick and Ceylon from the www.getoutofdebtfree.org web site, explain just how fraudulent the global financial system is and compare it to a game of Monopoly (which recently appeared on Sky TV). Jon also sheds light on how our spiritual growth can suffer as a result of this system and offers a unique spiritual insight into dealing with debt, by acting honestly, lawfully and truthfully and Ceylon explains how to empower yourself by using strategies and simple rules to overcome these corporate bullies, with love and an open heart and some excellent documents!

Learn how the banking system steals your savings, how debt collectors intimidate and trick you into contracts and find out how the government, banks and courts conspire to rob you of your money, whether you have personal debts or not!.

Incredible stuff.

MONDAY 14th NOVEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Energy Healing for the Masses

A return “by popular demand” visit by international healers and media producers Jack and Anne Stewart

Jack and Anne will take you for a tour of myth-busting about dis-ease, illness, health and wellness. Learn practical tools to combat stress, and discover how to remove the cause of any health, relationship or success issue. Learn cutting edge self healing and preventive processes and help yourself, family, friends have meaningful responsibility for their lives and health.

If you missed either of their previous appearances over the last couple of years, do yourself a favour and make sure that you don’t miss them this time as the energy tools that they demonstrate are quite magnificent. Check out their useful and very interesting web site at www.healingthespirit.eu

Come on down for a night of real and positive energy.

MONDAY 21st NOVEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Beyond the Freeman: Sovereignty, What It Means, and The People’s Public Trust

A cracking presentation by the exceptionally talented Darren Deojee

The Freeman ideologies have taken the country by storm, but how is it panning out for those who have been working, researching and using these tools the last few years? In this talk, Darren shares his perspective on the freeman movement and how it led him to the ‘Master’ Title and the People’s Public Trust and shows how it’s not about what method you use, but about how you do it and how you feel..... Darren is in touch with many of the seasoned practitioners in the ‘movement’ and will be sharing stories of experience to help us navigate the murky waters of commerce!

Note: This is not an ‘us and them’ talk - it’s about using freeman tools in a healthy ‘us-us’ approach which helps unlock our natural empowerment and awaken our innate sense of our natural sovereignty. Darren believes the sovereign movement is an essential part of social and personal healing, when applied properly - but it’s not the “be all and end all”.

This talk by Darren comes very highly recommended indeed.

MONDAY 28th NOVEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

Financial Terrorism

All the way from Bristol the incredible highly respected Martin Summers

Despite increasing personal financial hardship, most people remain unaware of the economic world war currently unfolding. An all pervasive corporate and government propaganda campaign has effectively obscured this blatant reality. This war is a war between the richest one-tenth of one percent of the global population and 99.9 percent of humanity.

The public has sustained intensive economic attacks across broad segments of the population. While the attacks have been increasingly severe in scale over the past four years, they have been implemented with technocratic precision. They have been incrementally applied thus far, successfully keeping the population passive and avoiding any large scale civilian unrest in the UK, while effectively and dramatically reducing living standards for the majority of the population.

Martin Summers is an activist, author and independent radio and TV journalist based in Bristol. He has the same degree as the Prime Minister (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) and recently appeared on Press TV. Martin comes exceptionally highly recommended indeed. Not to be missed.


MONDAY 5th DECEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

From the Year of Savage Upheaval (2011 - Breivik, Britain, & Europe) to the Year of the Dragon – 2012

A thought-provoking and information packed presentation by Terry Boardman

How to make sense of the year of appalling violence, both natural and human, that 2011 has been? What did the deeds of Anders Breivik in Norway signify? What was seeking to rise up from the unconscious? What was Breivik saying “No!” to, and what were the Norwegian people affirming, with their sea of roses in Oslo on the 25th July?

Many threads from Breivik’s act of terror led to Britain, which has its own ‘Viking’ heritage. And what is the continuing attraction of the Knights Templar? Breivik’s actions raise questions for the whole of Europe, not only about immigration but about where Europe and the peoples that make it up are going. Who is going to decide the direction and shape of Europe: the elites of Washington? the Vatican? Paris? Berlin? London? You? Me? We the people?

This is one of the most remarkable eras in history. This talk will look back over the fading year and forward to the much-hyped ‘end of history’ in 2012. It will present an alternative to both the Conventional and ‘the Alternative’ views of the coming year.

Terry never fails to impress. His web site can be found at:- www.monju.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

MONDAY 12th DECEMBER 2011 - Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start

The Shift... is About to Hit The Fan!

A welcome return by international lecturer and documentary producer Ian R Crane

Due to popular demand and also because of the rapid worsening of the current world financial situation we have fitted in an additional presentation by Ian R. Crane on his return from his tour “down under” in Australia and New Zealand. “He who would create the new must be able to endure the passing of the old in full tranquillity” - Rudolf Steiner - The Soul’s Awakening.

Ian will be presenting an alternative view of the global financial crisis and will be sharing his unique insights into the globalists’ master plan, examining why Iceland and Ireland were the guinea pigs for “a forthcoming massive financial swindle, orchestrated by global financiers”.

This presentation aims to take that awakening one step further by presenting evidence in support of his assertion that the current global economic meltdown has been carefully fashioned to bring about the financial bankruptcy of sovereign nations. However, Ian also focuses on solutions.

The main highlights of the talk will be the 2012 Agenda, Surviving the Financial Meltdown, Financial Terrorism Exposed, The UN Agenda to abolish the Natural Health Care, Industry and to Eradicate Organic Farming, Global Governance, Carbon Trading Scam, Hijacked Green Agenda, Big Pharma, GM Foods, Natural Health, Codex Alimentarius, Big Oil, The Fracking Nightmare and much more.

You can get much more info and also purchase Ian’s excellent DVDs at www.ianrcrane.co.uk

Ian just gets better and better. Many people said that his appearance in September where 135 people were present was the best presentation they had ever seen. Bring your friends along and let’s fill the place. You will not be disappointed, that’s for sure.