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MONDAY 30th JANUARY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Cold and Flu-Busting Remedies

We are delighted to kick off 2017 with Neil Williams – a fount of knowledge about natural remedies

With the cold and flu season upon us, what is there on offer on the natural or alternative front?

We all know about taking hot lemon and honey, but is there anything else? In this talk, we will be looking briefly at our immune system, how it is made of two integral parts, what we can do to boost our natural immunity, what affects it and also a look at herbal remedies that have a track record of being effective against pathogens.

We shall also be looking at what was used before the wide usage of antibiotics including a historical reference to what saved 1000s of patients from a single doctor!

Be amazed at what Mother Nature has to offer us when we start to get the sniffles!


MONDAY 6th FEBRUARY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


What Is The Nature And Purpose Of Physical Reality?

Todd Acamesis used to believe ‘the truth is out there’... but not any more

There are hundreds of millions of stars in our galaxy, and hundreds of millions of galaxies in our universe, yet we’ve received no signals from other worlds.

Thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year with an estimated quarter of a million sightings documented worldwide over the past 50 years. So many authenticated sightings, but no signals coming from ‘out there’...so what does it all mean?

Below is the trailer for Todd’s presentation where he’ll be sharing his out-of-body experiences to the inner dimensions of reality, contact with extraterrestrial beings, and his hypothesis on the nature and purpose of physical reality. https://youtu.be/ub84vxCOcgY

MONDAY 13th FEBRUARY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Crystal Skulls & Human Heads

Mark Olly is a recognised expert in the field of crystal skulls and the origin of humanity

Mark will be presenting a scientific, historical examination of various ancient human species through world-wide archaeological discoveries of elongated and genetically-extended human skulls, representations of the human head, ancient head cults, artificial head stretching, modern scientific analysis of the brain, and silicon crystal technology.

This presentation goes to the very heart of who and what we are, and where we came from.

MONDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Part 1 – Back to Basics: Help-Yourself Muscle Testing

Ken Andrews brings his own informal and humorous style to the investigation of foods – do they really suit us or not?

Most of us have experienced eating or taking “something” that was supposedly good for us only to find out it was not.

“I tried that and it didn’t do anything?”… but, of course, one “thing” does not suit everyone!

In this two-part series, Ken will be presenting an audience participation talk about the basics of food testing that can help in many ways, and with all age groups. 

The success of the talk is reliant on people bringing their own “stuff” to test.

Are your foods, supplements, natural remedies, etc., “good for you” ? A simple muscle test this evening will tell you everything!

In preparation, please…

1) Take a small sample from each of your daily meals – about the size of a cigarette butt – and put it in Clingfilm or similar;

2) Twist the top to make it airtight;

3) Label it so you know what it is;

4) Place it in a small container in the freezer;

5) On the day of the talk, take it out of freezer in the morning and bring it with you to test whether it actually suits you;

6) Bring any supplements, too, to test in a similar way;

7) Remember to bring pen and pad to make notes about the test!

MONDAY 27th FEBRUARY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Part 2 – Feedback And Further Investigations

Ken Andrews has lectured in the UK, Israel, America, Germany, and the Caribbean  on various subject areas of health in the applications of treatment modalities

Building on Part 1 of this amazing two-part presentation, Ken will continue testing foodstuffs and supplements and their suitability for individuals. As part of this, please bring along whatever you found to be not suited to you and we shall look more deeply into the reasons and effects.

Part 2 will start with a short recap for those of you who couldn't make it last week, plus a feedback session of about any concerns that you may have.

This is rare opportunity to discover what foods and supplements are most suited to you!


MONDAY 27th MARCH 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


What on Earth is “The Starchild Skull”?

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Johnson back to New Horizons for his exceptionally researched presentations

Based almost entirely on the research of Lloyd Pye, Andrew Johnson will be discussing the world-famous Starchild Skull, a real bone skull found in Mexico in 1930. He will cover the 25 major physical differences between the Starchild and a normal human skull – including those that are not seen in any other skulls or bones on planet Earth!

Andrew will cover research on the Starchild’s DNA – done over a period of more than 12 years, which clearly shows that, as soon as its entire genome is recovered and sequenced, its genetics will confirm it is vastly more distant from humans than chimps or gorillas.

The Starchild Skull should establish once and for all that we humans are not alone in the universe… and never have been!

See www.starchildproject.com for more information about the Starchild and www.lloydpye.com for more information about Lloyd Pye’s Research.

Andrew’s website: www.checktheevidence.com


MONDAY 3rd APRIL 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


The Age of Anomy is Ending

Flying in especially from the Middle East, Abdun Nur brings his perceptive understandings of how we can break free from our chains

Anomy is a condition of individuals or society, characterised by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values.

“Usury”, “Apocalypse” and “Anarchy” – three words that are very poorly understood, but critical to our survival.

Abdun will explain how we arrived at the Anomic Age, and will introduce some of the alternative concepts that can be easily established to return our shared consciousness back from the stagnancy of hierarchic slavery to the community of free souls that we are designed to be.

Abdun will explain his perspective, and show a different way to approach living, giving people a choice: to live or exist, to act or cower, to reason or conform.

Furthermore, he will present a short history of the genocide suffered by the peoples of Britain, evolving but unremitting since 1066 until the present day.

MONDAY 10th APRIL 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


11:11 The Awakenings Explained

Chez As Sabur is a modern enlightenment teacher, fusing the esoteric with the exoteric to reveal the one connection between the two

Chez is a consciousness-awareness researcher, writer, author and audio narrator. He is a spiritual attainment guide who went through a powerful conscious awakening from non-educated pub owner and theatre actor to a enlightened individual who came to understand the vast complexities of the absolute.

Chez’s unique talent is the ability to explain the complex in a light-hearted, simple manner that highlights the potential for, not only what can be, but how to realise it in the present.

MONDAY 15th MAY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Secretum Omega: The Vatican Disclosure

Phil Evangelinos is a highly respected researcher and author, and we are very honoured to host his latest presentation

Whether you are a religious person or not, religion holds an important part in helping to prepare the masses of this world for Extra-terrestrial contact, otherwise known as Disclosure.

In recent years, strange consistent statements have been coming from the top echelons of the Catholic Church in relation to alien contact. There is definitely something going on, some kind of ‘build up’ towards a unique event in human history: contact with alien life.

This is a 2-hour presentation based on Phil’s soon-to-be-published book, “Secretum Omega: The Vatican Disclosure” and will consider the astonishing facts of a worldwide conspiracy that has been set in motion since the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church for alien contact in our near future.

Copies of Phil’s book will be available for sale at the presentation.

MONDAY 22nd MAY 2017 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start


Mindfulness – A Journey to Peace (“As above so below”)

Very few people have Magnus Mulliner’s deep and practical understanding of health and mindfulness

Many of you will have read or heard about this new ‘buzz’ word and it will no doubt have a positive meaning.

How useful do you feel it will be to create more harmony, more happiness, more peace externally?

The exciting news is, you can IF you practise mindfulness. It’s all about YOU!

All peace, health and happiness is an inside-out job. Magnus has discovered that when you point fingers, three point back and to the degree you or I start: complaining, criticising, worrying/fearing, gossiping and or excuse making, we’ve just disempowered ourselves!

And here’s a new moment, this too will pass.

In this presentation, you’ll be provided with some simple easy to learn/remember techniques in MINDFULNESS. You’ll walk away with all you need to create the above so that there are less wars going on externally.

Thinking that we’ll fix those externally is like thinking that watching TV makes you fat or that Firemen cause fires! How come? Well, every time there’s a fire, there’s always a firemen!

Another amazing moment to WAKE UP and truly become the change you wish to see, feel and hear in yourself.