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General Conspiracy

Jesse Ventura: You Give Me a Water Board, Dick Cheney and One Hour, and I’ll Have Him Confess to the Sharon Tate Murders

On Larry King Live, Jesse Ventura takes on the Bush administration chicken-hawks and Rush Limbaugh, and defends Colin Powell. After having been water-boarded himself in the SERE program, Ventura makes no bones about it. Water-boarding is torture.

King’s reaction to Ventura’s straight talk on how terrible of a President W was is amusing. He’s shocked... just shocked that anyone would talk so badly about the US’s former President

Open Your Mind – Illuminati Symbolism

If you have 5 minutes to spare then this is well worth watching. Discover the Illuminati symbolism that is in front of our noses every day. The Illuminati operate their evil agenda by using secret societies like Skull & Bones, The Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, The Trilateral Commission and The Bilderberg Group.

The Illuminati have big influence and control over the mainstream media, political parties, governments, religions, banking and big business. These people use secret societies to carry out their satanic agenda for a New World Order – a totalitarian, Orwellian police state that is controlled by un-elected criminally-minded bureaucrats.

Yes it sounds deep, yes it sounds crazy, but it’s happening right now and it’ll keep on happening... unless we do something about it NOW while we’ve still got the chance!

The Environment    

Climate Change – Tipping Point, Sceptics, & Adaptation

Is there really carbon tipping point after which there will be devastating climate change consequences? Can we adapt to aspects of climate change that can’t be avoided, and even improve the economy at the same time? What are the biggest obstacles to tackling the issue of global warming?

Cara Santa Maria (Senior Science Correspondent, www.Huffingtonpost.com) leads this discussion panel on ‘The Point’ to discuss these issues and more with Andrea Robinson (founder, director – Arc Sustainability), Bill Patzert (Climatologist – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and Tammy Bang Luu (Associate Director at Labor/Community Strategy Center).

Climate Change – Gore vs. Durkin

This video looks at urban myths spawned by two iconic films – ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’.

Whatever you believe about climate change, there is no excuse for the kind of exaggerations, fallacies and fabrications we see in films like these. The aim of this video is to cut through the junk science designed to evangelise this issue, and show what the actual scientific research shows us.

The video cuts short at the end, and the final sentence should read: ‘As I look at more of the urban myths they’ve spawned.’

Alternative Science & Technology    

The Hutchison Effect – John Hutchison

Nick Cook writer for British Military Journal, ‘Jane’s Defence Weekly’ stated that, when visiting Lockheed Martin, Boyd Bushman showed him a Hutchison Effect film. Nick Cook was quoted, “Normally I would’ve looked at this stuff and thought this was someone’s idea of a practical joke, but the fact that it was being highlighted to me by somebody from Lockheed Martin, that this was something I should be paying attention to.”

Cook was watching a video of an anti-gravity and jellification/melting effects machine, that can lift any type of material, discovered by John Hutchison, a Canadian in 1979. Hutchison and his supporters have surmised that these have come from zero-point energy.

The Hutchison effect was well documented by Col. John Alexander, who funded a 4-month exhaustive study of the effect through “Stanford Research Institute” and the CIA in the 1980’s. A team of four military scientists stayed with John to document his results, and found all of them to be quite real but unexplainable by conventional physics.

Boyd Bushman has claimed that Lockheed Martin has researched antigravity technology, specifically gravity manipulation by means of magnetic fields. He even has stated that he experimented at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth, Texas facilities, proving that magnetic fields affect the gravitational field and because of that, bodies don’t fall with the same acceleration, a result different from the classical experiments made by Galileo with no magnetic fields present.

Who’s Killing the Hydrogen Car?

Following is an interview with a scientist, who has proven that dependence on fossil fuels is a choice, not a necessity.

Imagine converting all our existing utility vehicles and short run trucks to run on Hydrogen.

No fuel cells, no hybrids, no bs!

Money! Money! Money!    

BBC Speechless As Trader Reveals SHOCKING Truth – Total Collapse is Real!

Independent trader Alessio Rastini makes controversial statements on BBC to the amazement of the reporters.

Total economic collapse is coming!

European Financial Crisis explained in 3 minutes!