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Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena: Mysteries

1. UFOs

2. Loch Ness Monster

3. Big Foot

4. Bermuda Triangle

5. Ghosts

6. Crop Circles

7. Egyptian Pyramids

8. Stonehenge

9. Atlantis

10. Spontaneous Human Combustion

Mysteries of the Unexplained – Prophecy

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

– Albert Einstein

Paranormal, UFOs & ETs    

Best Of UFO Sightings Of June 2012


Life forms come in all shapes sizes and most humans would perceive other realities as heaven-like because of the lack of limitation to what we can do. This planet is in the grip of a dark force that’s inhibiting our natural evolution, and as the video says, the rest of the universe is watching us closely.

What Is Reality?    

What is the real reality?

Matter is not real and the human mind brings forth an illusion, a dream, perhaps, that we are living in. The human mind is so powerful that everything we use with our 5 senses is simply not real. Our minds interact with each other, create feelings. And that explains why we cannot use the full capacity of our brain. Because the majority of the capacity is busy creating this real illusion which is not real.

Perception – The reality beyond matter

If I had to point to where my idea or concept of reality is maintained, I’d be pointing to my head – how about you?

Is all this environmental information just vibrational energies which are presented to our body and then decoded to form a perception in the brain according to our programmes and patterns? Do we subconsciously ‘read’ or filter this data then build an experience that seems real?

Can I get outside of my experience to prove anything is fact or real, or is reality bound to one’s experience like the fabric to the shirt?

What of the realities I have when I dream – my body still responds as if they are real, so what is reality?

If I am not the cause (creator) of my experience – the director of my focus of attention on some level whether awake or asleep – am I controlled by something else?

And if I am completely controlled by something other than me, what then is the purpose of my life?

Visions of The Future    

Isaac Asimov – Visions of the Future

This is a pilot for documentary TV show in which Asimov himself would talk about new scientific breakthroughs and thus prepare people for the upcoming future.

Panel: Visions of the Future – ITU Telecom World 2011

Geneva, 26 October 2011. The second of the ITU’s Quickfire Storytelling sessions brought together some of the world’s leading futurists to share bold ideas and conflicting predictions of how the world might look in 10 years’ time.

The adoption of connected technologies is driving change at an unprecedented rate. ICTs (Information & Communications Technology) will transform the very nature of business, education and the way that global citizens communicate and share information.

Short snappy stories will offer insights into the future, from a variety of perspectives in a variety of styles. These science-fiction tales will be based on science-fact; sometimes contentious, sometimes irreverent, but always thought-provoking, will catalyse dynamic debate.