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History Needs Re-Writing

History Rewritten: History Cannot Be Permanently Falsified – Ian R. Crane

Despite increasing public awareness of anomalies in the official explanations of 9/11 & 7/7, these events are still the drivers for an aggressive US/UK agenda.

The supposedly catastrophic pandemics of SARS, Bird Flu & Swine Flu have all been exposed as massive scams. Trillions has been spent marketing ‘Climate Change’ as the primary threat to Humanity – deceptions exposed as the route to Global Governance and a ‘Cap & Trade’ Economy. However as the global Corporatists become ever more desperate, more and more people are awakening to the charade.

History cannot be permanently falsified, the tangled web will be exposed; however artfully it has been spun.

History re-written in the USA

Broken World    

World in Chaos

In 2012, author and researcher Steve Quayle warned of an orchestrated effort to destroy and takeover the United States and destabilize the world.

“They're going to try, the Luciferians, to get the Christians to kill the Jews... the Muslims to kill the Jews and the Christians... they want total social upheaval,” he said.

Quayle linked a variety of issues, including the Department of Homeland Security’s massive purchase of ammunition, FEMA prison camps, and the loss of freedoms in the United States. He also warned of a Russian invasion of America, terrorists bringing weapons of mass destruction into the country, a nuclear attack by Iran, and food prices that could rise by as much as 175% next year.


Protests and G8 Riots – New World Order Global Chaos

False Flag & Faking Terrorism    

Judge Napolitano On U.S. Government Faking Terror Plots

The judge lays it down plain and simple – all terror plots foiled by the FBI and CIA were their own self-inventions and 3 were actually stopped by normal civilians.

How does that make you feel? Still convinced the government won’t lie to you?

There are many reasons the judge lost his show and it certainly wasn’t because of lack of popularity...

New Labour & police ramp up war against photographers (2009)

New Labour and their enforcement wing, the police ‘service’, ramping up the war against photographers, by increasingly claiming that photographers are either terrorists or paedophiles.

Censorship on an unheard of scale is now taking place in the UK.

What are New Labour and the police trying to hide? Oh yes, buy a decent camera any you’re a terrorist it the latest New Labour / police idiocy. Why would a ‘terrorist’ waste money on a £2000+ camera?

Recorded from BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, 29 November 2009.

The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

I added new footage of Patrick Clawson pushing for a false flag attack on Iran to start another war. I also added Bush joking about the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

7/7 Whistleblower Fired For Exposing False Flag

Tony Farrell served as a Principal Intelligent Analyst for South Yorkshire Police in Britain from 1998 to July 2010.

In the days preceding the fifth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, Farrell discovered that the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 attacks were acts of state terrorism by the secret intelligence agencies of the United States, Israel, and England; not acts of Islamic terrorism by non-state terrorist organisations.

Tony spoke at New Horizons on the 3rd October, 2011... turn to Previous Speakers, 2011, for more information.

Religion & Spirituality    

The Story of God - Part 1: Life, The Universe and Everything

‘The Story of God’ series explores the origins of religion. The documentary focuses on the three Abrahamic faiths, and discusses belief in God in a scientific age.

The series included a number of interviews with scientists including Dean Hamer, Richard Dawkins, and members of the CERN programme.

During the documentary, the presenter, physician Professor Lord Winston, debates notable creationist Ken Ham, visiting the creation museum where, he claims, "scientific facts are ignored in favour of religious certainty." He presents his view that science and religion have an important role in human development, but absolute certainty in either, 'can lead to serious problems'.


George Carlin – Religion is Bullshit

... not for the faint-hearted!