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Jumo Health Jumo Health provides free resources for children and families living with medical conditions.
The Recovery Village The Recovery Village is an organisation dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery. We believe that quality content is key in providing individuals and their loved ones with additional information. Many people tend to associate drug abuse with illicit substances, but a recent survey showed that millions of people in the West regularly abuse prescription medication, including pain relievers, tranquilisers and stimulants. We offer help and support to all who face these problems.
Alcorehab.org Raising awareness on the dangers of alcohol addiction and helping local communities stay alcohol-free.
www.migvapor.com Electronic cigarettes – A Guide for Parents and Educators.
vapingdaily.com/health The facts about VAPING as a healthier alternative to smoking... the honest pros and cons.
www.consumersafety.org A comprehensive resource offering safety guides for infants, families, patients and seniors, as well as publishing important health news, recalls and safety alerts. Drug information is available, too.
www.addictionresource.com Excellent website explaining about drugs and treatment, including a confidential Help Hotline. Endorsed by Russell Brand: “The mentality and behaviour of drug addicts and alcoholics is wholly irrational until you understand that they are completely powerless over their addiction and unless they have structured help, they have no hope.”
www.QuitSmokingCommunity.org Raising awareness of the consequences of smoking and helping communities become smoke-free.
www.Cancer.org The American Cancer Society which also promotes health through education and awareness.
quitsmokingcommunity.org Quit Smoking Community is a virtual community that offers support and information for those trying to kick the deadliest habit in the world. Our vision for Quit Smoking Community is to provide a hub where visitors can access information regarding quitting smoking, as well as download resources and tools to help them begin and complete their quit journey.
www.counterbalance.org.uk Local (i.e. Fylde) issues including fracking.
www.drugdangers.com Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications.
www.addictionresource.com An organisation that raises awareness for the consequences of addition and helps communities become drug-free.
www.healthfinder.gov Promoting better health through education and awareness.
www.consumerdangers.com ConsumerDangers.com is dedicated to keeping the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm. Our website is continually updated with breaking news from Government agencies, Watchdog Groups, and concerned citizens about Recalls & Safety affecting consumers.
www.drugwatch.com/health Educating individuals about their health and the dangers of drugs & medical devices.
Bread&Soup pdf Start With Food... Bread & Soup Making Open Day – a leaflet. The purpose of Bread&Soup is to create a working and learning environment within a household.
All-Things-Food pdf Start With Food... All-Things-Food is a compendium of food pledges and principles leading to the formulation of a new social contract.